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Networking for Parenting Success

We as parents must learn how to adopt more effective ways in bringing up our children.  Knowledge is key to our success.

We can learn by going to parenting seminars, watching documentaries, reading parenting books, etc.  However, one of the most effective learning processes is through discussions with your relatives and friends.  It is through networking that we can learn of news that may affect our children, and how to personalize our children’s education by taking up enrichments that are relevant to their needs.

One of the great benefits of the Internet is that it brings information right to your desktop, as and when you need it.  We no longer need to go to the library to do our research.  An even greater benefit is how it allows virtual strangers to connect to one another, as long as they share the same interests.

As parents, we must continue to talk to other parents constantly and throughout the first 18 years of our children’s lives.

  • In pre-schools, we need to help each other find out which is the most suitable child care and enrichment services that are available for our children.
  • When our children turn 6, we have to find out from more experienced parents on how to go about registering our children for Primary One in the following year.
  • In primary schools, besides working with the teachers, we need to link up with parents of students in the same classes of our children, so that we can keep each other informed of what is happening in the school and classes, what the syllabus is, what homework is due, what tests are coming, etc.
  • Towards the end of Primary school education, we have to start planning on helping our children transit to Secondary schools.  We need to find out which Secondary school is good, what the requirements are for getting into the school, etc.

Networking with parents and teachers

Creating WhatsApp group and invite parents to share information, updates and progress.

one to one tutors

My son is primary 5 he need a good tutor for maths and english, can anybody recomend.

Networking with seniors, too

As my child is going through primary school, I have realised that it is impt to know some parents of senior students, too. They have BDTD advice, they can guide you which books to buy, they even lend you their children’s books or notes.

Find Tuition/Enrichment Centres