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New 3M LED lamp features even better ergonomics & flexibility

Proprietary polarizing light filter reduces glare and harmful UV rays

3M, the diversified technology company known for innovation, has announced the launch of a new Polarizing LED lamp. Featuring a sleeker and more compact design, the new LED2000 sports a curved lamp body with arms that are highly flexible, can tilt at multiple angles and close fully to save space. Coupled with 3M’s proprietary polarizing light filter, which is capable of reducing up to 801  per cent glare and harmful UV rays, to promote optimal reading comfort, the LED2000 is not only good for the eyes, but also adds style to any living space.

Besides the seven adjustable brightness levels that allow users to customize the amount of light for any activity, the new LED2000 also features a new Mood Lighting function. It comes with two levels to create a soothing and warm environment.

Key Features
3M Proprietary Polarizing Light Filter Technology
The latest development in light transmission reflective filters, the innovative 3M polarizing light filter allows only comfortable light to pass through. Bad light is converted into comfortable light, thus reducing the glare reflected on reading surfaces. The resulting light not only illuminates well, but provides soothing reading relief to eyes over prolonged periods.

Eco-Friendly LED Lamp
Taking advantage of the LED technology’s power efficiency and consumption, the energy saving LED2000 consumes only between 1.3 to 11.2 watts depending on the light brightness level and has a longer lifespan of up to 40,000 hours. Unlike ordinary fluorescent lights, the bulb used in the LED2000 does not contain mercury and does not emit harmful UV rays, giving users further protection for the eyes and skin.

Sleek Design with Greater Flexibility
Featuring stylishly designed curved arms that tilt to a maximum of 140 degrees and close fully to save space, the LED2000 is able to extend up to a maximum height of 70 cm to light up a wider reading area. It also features a stable base fitted with anti-skid pads that sits well on all surfaces.

Seven Adjustable Brightness Levels with Dual Level Mood Light
An easy touch sensor control panel located at the front of the light allows users to adjust up to seven brightness levels to suit all reading and working needs. The dual level mood light creates ambient lighting for a touch of warmth to the room.

Price and Availability
The LED2000 will be available at S$309 from October 2011. Find it at leading retailers such as Best Denki, Home-Fix and Popular bookstores.


3M is a trademark of 3M Company.

About 3M
3M captures the spark of new ideas and transforms them into thousands of ingenious products. Our culture of creative collaboration inspires a never-ending stream of powerful technologies that make life better. 3M is the innovation company that never stops inventing. With $27 billion in sales, 3M employs about 80,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries. For more information, visit or follow @3MNews on Twitter.

Trademarks of 3M include Scotch, Post-it, Scotchgard, Thinsulate, Scotch-Brite, Filtrete, Command and Vikuiti.

1The amount of glare reflected on reading material is dependent on viewing angle.


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