New Flexibility in CL Curriculum

  • Flexibility in CL curriculum which allows teaching according to students’ abilities and needs
    • New modular CL curriculum will be implemented at Primary 1 and 2 in 2007, Primary 3 and 4 in 2008, followed by Primary 5 in 2009 and Primary 6 in 2010.
    • All students will take Core modules.
    • Bridging and Reinforcement modules will meet the needs of students who enter school with little exposure to CL or who require additional support for the Core modules.
    • Students with the ability and interest will be encouraged to study the language at a higher level through Enrichment modules.
    • The CL PSLE examination will be pitched at the standard of the Core modules.
  • Enhancement of teaching methods, assessment methods and instructional resources
    • At Lower Primary, explicit lessons on strategies that students can use for the recognition and understanding of CL characters will be taught.
    • Greater emphasis on speaking, listening and reading. Strategies like songs, verse/choral reading and recitation will be used more widely.
    • Instructional and reading materials that will capture students’ interest.
    • Changes to the PSLE from 2006 to reduce emphasis on memorisation, increase testing in context and increase weighting for speaking/listening component.
    • Use of approved CL electronic handheld dictionaries in composition will be allowed in school-based assessments from 2006 and in the PSLE from 2007.
  • More opportunities to use CL in school
    • SAP primary schools may provide greater exposure to CL by teaching more subjects in CL, particularly in the early primary years.
    • Higher CL will still be offered in Primary Schools.

For more information, check out the Ministry of Education’s website.

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