New Nursery Courses at the British Council

How does your child benefit from learning English at a very young age? Firstly, learning language comes naturally to young minds. The earlier they start, the more they will learn and the more natural their pronunciation will be. Studies show that the key language learning years are from birth to six years old. This is the time when a child is able to absorb the complex patterns of language and the different sounds that come with it.

How do children learn best at this age? The answer is simply that children learn best when they are immersed in a world of purposeful play. Structuring play in an interactive way stimulates a child’s natural curiosity. Through purposeful play, children develop communication skills, their imagination, their creativity, how to express themselves, how to make decisions and how to interact with others.

British Council - Nursery

With this in mind, British Council is introducing a new Nursery course in 2018. In addition, Nursery 1 will be offered for the very first time, only at their Tampines Centre.

British Council’s new Nursery course is a partnership with the world-famous Aardman animation studios. Called “Learning Time with Shaun and Timmy” the course is themed around children’s film and TV characters, Shaun the Sheep and the lamb of the flock, Timmy.

Nursery 1

The Nursery 1 programme sets the foundation for a life-long love of learning and school. The course aims to build pre-reading and pre-writing skills through fine motor skills development. Through engaging lessons based on topics and themes from the episodes of Timmy Time, your child will develop an awareness of sounds and sound associations. You can also expect your child to develop key social skills, such as managing feelings, relating to others and participating confidently.

Nursery 2

In Nursery 2, your child will be introduced to single letter sounds both orally and in written form. Through class discussions, role plays and speech and drama, your child will develop speaking confidence and creative thinking. Your child will also engage in activities and games that develop an understanding of sharing, listening to others and taking turns, enhancing his socialisation skills.

To find out more about British Council’s new Nursery courses, visit their website.