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Newbie Primary One Registration Experience ** Updates **

 27 July 2011 (Wed)

I am back from my primary 1 registration…. it was raining so DH decided to send me over… thought why so nice of him…haha…

The basketball compound. It was raining heavily outside. The same place where the school children assemble each morning & afternoon for the National Anthem.





The Primary One Registration Exercise Information Board.





Total Vacancy:180

Place Taken Up: 92

Vacancies Left: 88



We were issued with the q number of 83… :faint: I was thinking with so many people ahead of me, the waiting time will be long. DH himself also thought that with only 88 vacancies left… and our queue number was already 83… we made it only just in time… last 5 vacancies left. Till i told him that its not ” 1st come 1st served ” … :laugh:

However, we were very surpised that we were attended to immediately & the whole administrative work was completed in 20 mins or less… from filling in forms to checking & verifying. It wasnt as crowded as i thought it would be… in fact, only a handful of parents were around…  :wink:

Station 1 & 2… only a few tables away from each other. Station 3 is inside the admin office of which i’m not allowed to take any photos

We went thru 3 different stations: station 1 to check & verify documents, station 2 to fill in the application form & station 3 to submit all the documents & form… all checked & verified once again.

The school canteen… happens to be the students’ recess time.. DH jokingly said we should have our breakfast here instead.




Another part of the school compound.

After we came out from the admin office, i snooped around the school, taking photos here & there. :siao: hor.. :lol:

I cant take much photos as there was this security lady staring at me, wondering what was i up to. I felt embarassed.

So now with all the registration work done. i can sit back, relax slightly & check MOE website for the updates now & then. :pray: balloting wont be needed.

The Vision & Mission of the school.

Vision: A vibrant & caring community of life-long learners.

Mission: Providing our pupils with a balanced & well -rounded education, incalcating in them sound moral and social values and developing them to their fullest potential.

Come let’s celebrate.. :celebrate:


all the best sista :)

all the best sista 🙂

All the best!

Poppy15, wishing you good luck!



When i was reading at ur

When i was reading at ur HOME THREAD about you taking photos.. Immediately my tots were.. u muz b preparing to blog abt it.. n so true it was..

Nice reading the process of it.. and though i dun seem as nervous abt it.. I love taking photos too!

Good Job! And ALL THE BEST! Will pray hard tat all will go well as per wat u want.. Hugz!

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