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Nov/Dec 2016 School Holidays: 15 Budget-Friendly Enrichment Classes

Look to the humble community centre and you may be pleasantly surprised by their holiday enrichment fare—from science and technology skills to cooking and foreign-language exposure, there is something to suit every interest. Head to your nearest centre to pick up a holiday handout, or visit the OnePA website for more details on the featured classes.

led-bottle-lightLED Bottle Light Workshop

Participants will learn how to use recycled bottles to make LED creations. With the skills learnt, they can even build their own Christmas ornaments or trees.

Age: Enquire with the CC
Venue/Date: Multiple location/dates
Fee: $25–30

Essential First Aid @Home

This course empowers children (and parents) with a foundation in first aid. Participants will learn the basic procedures of emergency care and how to deal with home emergencies through a hands-on session.

Age: 5–14; parent-child course
Venue/Date: Toa Payoh South CC, 21 December 2016 (Wed), 8–10PM
Fee: $30–40

Hoop Fitness

Hoop Fitness is a new dance-fitness regime that uses the hula hoop to improve balance, flexibility, dexterity, and coordination. It is a low-impact yet high-energy workout that promises a whole lot of fun.

Age: All ages
Venue/Date: Multiple locations/dates; some CCs hold this over multiple sessions
Fee: $12–15 (single session); $93–105 (multiple sessions)

Intro To Taiko Drumming

Taiko drumming is both a musical and a physical activity. It enables parents and children to team up and coordinate their movements while making music.

Age: 4 and above; parent-child course
Venue/Date: Pasir Ris Elias CC, 23 December 2016 (Fri), 9.30AM–12.30PM
Fee: $45–55

Ninja Gadgets Engineering

Children will learn how to creatively use Lego parts to build “ninja weapons.” They will also learn basic engineering techniques to develop functional “weapons.”

Age: 6–12
Venue/Date: Multiple locations/dates
Fee: $45–55


Gelato Making Without An Ice Cream Machine

This course teaches parents and children how to make delicious and healthier ice cream, such as Banana-Strawberry and Chocolate Oreo gelato, using only fresh ingredients. Participants will also learn to make gelato without using any machinery.

Age: 7 and above; parent-child course
Venue/Date: Multiple locations/dates
Fee: $35–45

Simply Fruity DNA Extraction

Participants will make their own DNA extraction kit from household chemicals, and use it to separate DNA from a banana.

Age: 6–12
Venue/Date: Multiple locations/dates
Fee: $24–34

Angry Space Birdz: Space Travel Science

In this interactive science workshop, participants will learn about space travel, gravity, orbits, satellites, and the planetary system.

Age: 7–10
Venue/Date: Hwi Yoh CC, 20 November 2016 (Sun), 2.30–5.15PM
Fee: $35–40

Bricks 4 Kidz: Despicable Brick Minions

In this workshop, participants will use bricks to enter the worlds of the Despicable Me and Minions movies. They will create their own minion story with mosaics, 3D builds of their favourite character, and motorised models.

Age: Enquire with the CC
Venue/Date: Multiple locations/dates
Fee: $48–58

The Fairy Lamp

This workshop lets children discover the wonders of electronics through fun and engaging experiences with light bulbs, batteries, switches, and circuits to create their own fairy lamps.

Age: 5–8
Venue/Date: Marsiling CC, 5 December 2016 (Mon), 2–3.30PM
Fee: $18–23


Funastic Massage

This course teaches parents and children massage techniques. Apart from using the sense of touch for bonding, the techniques will also improve concentration and confidence.

Age: All ages; parent-child course
Venue/Date: Multiple locations/dates
Fee: $18–20

Experience 3D Printing

This workshop provides an opportunity for children to have fun while learning about 3D technology. Participants will observe an object being 3D printed, as the trainer explains how a 3D printer functions. Thereafter, participants will design a 3D-printable object on their smartphones or tablets, which can then be sent wirelessly to the 3D printer to be printed.

Age: Enquire with the CC
Venue/Date: Chua Chu Kang CC, 7 December 2016 (Wed), 10AM–1PM
Fee: $40–50

Have Fun Cooking

Participants will learn to create different dishes and desserts, such as pizza, cupcakes, and Christmas cookies.

Age: 7–12
Venue/Date: Multiple locations/dates
Fee: $25–30

Xpress French

Immerse your child in one lesson of learning French, and let him/her be blown away by the language through songs and games.

Age: Enquire with the CC
Venue/Date: Bukit Batok East CC, 2 December 2016 (Fri), 3–4PM
Fee: $9–10

Improve Your Child’s Logical Thinking Skills

In these workshops, participants are challenged to develop and apply logical thinking skills in a fun, age-appropriate, and activity-based programme.

Age: Enquire with the CC
Venue/Date: Multiple locations/dates
Fee: $70–80

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