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School Holidays: 7 Family Bonding Outdoor Activities You Won’t Want To Miss

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Go back to basics this holiday season with some wholesome, healthy fun outdoors.


MacRitchie Reservoir: Venus Loop Walks

With a volunteer guide by your side, you’ll significantly boost your chances of spotting the Long-tail Macaque, the Malayan Colugo, the Red Junglefowl, the Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, and many more forest inhabitants. Organised by conservationist groups Love MacRitchie and NUS Toddycats, these gentle walks are suitable for children and typically take no more than three hours to complete. Check their website for updates and act fast because places are usually snapped up within two days.

Cost: Free



Think Pokemon Go, but with a tangible goal—in Geocaching, you use an app to hunt down a physical “geocache” (usually a bottle containing several items) with the aid of clues and a location tracker. Once you find the geocache, you can open it to retrieve a log, where you record your name for posterity. There are geocaches scattered all over the country; it’s a game you can play wherever you’re at, and there is an official process for creating your own geocaches. This is an activity you can carry out when you’re travelling too. Note: Avid Geocachers have been known to favour the unofficial geocaching apps, some of which are free.

Cost: Free and up


DIY Walks

The National Parks Board (NParks) has a series of walking guides designed for schools, but families can certainly put them to good use as well. Resources include trail guides, lesson plans, and worksheets that you can download to enrich your nature outings.

Cost: Free


Wild Singapore Happenings

Bookmark this blog for updates on nature events, tours, and workshops in Singapore, and refer to it often. Most of the listed events are free or low-cost, and family friendly.

Cost: Free and up.


Singapore Sidewalk Astronomy

This community group runs regular public stargazing sessions at Bishan Park (next to McDonald’s) and Toa Payoh Library, so that you too can partake in the joys of astronomy even if you don’t own a telescope. These “sidewalk astronomers” are more than willing to share their knowledge with the community. It’s an opportunity to ask questions and encourage your children to do the same. Follow their Facebook page for details on upcoming sessions.

Cost: Free



If you’ve had your fill of run-of-the-mill activities, Funzing is the site for you. Their family section lists such activities as Storytelling Yoga, Laughter Therapy, and Climb Like A Monkey. It’s a chance to break out of comfort zones—as a family—and meet new friends too.

Cost: $15 and up


Sports Playgroup

An initiative by soccer coach Jahsh Ruzzman who teaches at the F-17 Academy, this informal sports playgroup uses physical activity to simulate real-world scenarios and build life skills such as focus, personal responsibility, and a willingness to learn.

“Playtime is often overlooked as a rich source of opportunity to reinforce good ethos and values such as confidence, resilience, determination, empathy, and humility,” says Jahsh. “I hope that through guided discovery, each of our participants will learn priceless lessons while making friends and having fun.”

The activities, such as ball games, are designed to challenge participants while fostering teamwork. In the event of inclement weather, sessions will be shifted to an indoor location. Each session is about 1.5 hours long, and current participants are aged 5–10. Venues include Bishan Park 1 and Skyterrace @ Dawson. Those interested in joining for the year-end holidays or forming their own groups at a convenient location can contact Jahsh for more information.

Cost: $20–25 per session

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