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Now, You Can Monitor Your Child’s Developmental Milestones Electronically

Cherish every step of your child’s growth with HealthHub by Health Promotion Board, Singapore.

Raising children is a lifelong journey, and often, it’s the little moments that bring the most joy. The new-and-improved Children’s Health section on HealthHub is designed to help you treasure the defining moments in your child’s life.

Monitor Your Child’s Growth

Its growth charts feature allows you to track your child’s height, weight, and head circumference at regular intervals, not only during paediatrician visits, but from the comfort of your home as well.

Key in your child’s growth information, and HealthHub will generate a percentile value for each measurement you provide. You can use this value to gauge how your child is developing compared to others in his or her age group.

Celebrate Your Child’s Milestones

If you are new to the parenting journey, the Milestones log feature provides a convenient way for you to commemorate precious moments during your child’s foundational years, such as the first peals of baby laughter, the first successful attempt at rolling over, and those priceless first words.

You can access the Milestones feature and check your child’s progress at any time or place. Developmental milestones are organised by age group for your easy reference, and you can check off a relevant milestone when it is completed—simply click “Yes” under each milestone and the date will be recorded for posterity.

Under each milestone, there is also a suggested activity for parents to carry out with their child to promote bonding and development. For instance, when a baby is four months old, parents can place his or her favourite toys within easy reach, to facilitate the development of grasping skills. Use these activities to spend quality time with your little ones and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Manage Your Child’s Health Records

Parents know their children better than anyone else, but they may not always have their children’s health information at their fingertips. This information would come in handy, especially when a child is visiting a health provider.

If your child has not completed his or her preschool vaccinations, you can use HealthHub to remind you of appointments and upcoming vaccinations, so that you can focus your energies on being the best parent for your child.

If your child has officially entered school (i.e. Primary 1 and above), you will be able to view his or her immunisation records and summaries of health assessments conducted in school, such as vision tests, hearing screenings, and height and weight checks.

To Start Using Children’s Health

Download HealthHub from the AppStore or Google Play on your mobile phone. Select the MyHealth section and click on Children’s Health. You will be prompted for your Singpass ID and password to log in. Enter the one-time password sent to you via your mobile phone. Upon logging in, choose the Add Child option and enter your child’s birth certificate number to begin using the features.

Treasure every milestone and watch your child shine. Download HealthHub today, or visit for more information.

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