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Onboarding Guide for Parents

Welcome to!  Because is for parents, by parents, we are sure you will be able to get great advice and network with other parents very quickly.
All you need to do to get up to speed is do the following steps:
  • Click here to read our Terms of Service.  It is important you understand and accept our terms and conditions before using services.  Also, please note and comply to our policy on responsible comments. will not condone any attempts by users to use our platform to run malicious campaigns against other users or services.
  • Click here to sign up for a free account.
  • You should include a concise description of yourself and what you hope to get out of in your Profile, because other members often check out these profiles to try to understand who they are talking to.
    • Only very basic information is made public.  Personal information such as real name and email address remains private.  Your confidential data is safe with us.  Please read our Privacy Statement for specific information about how your data is used by and our company,
    • Do NOT use your real name or NRIC as your Username or nick name for your account!  Use a nickname that will not allow anyone to guess at who you really are.  Protect your online identity!
  • Create a thread in the Newbies & Club Forum to introduce yourself to the community.  You will receive multiple welcome messages from other members.  This helps to break the ice and others will be more forthcoming in responding to your questions.
  • New users with less than 50 posts will need to pay 30 KiasuPoints (KP$) to create new threads.  There is no fee to reply to existing threads.  Hence, you should browse our Forums and respond to existing threads to post at least 50 posts before you can freely create your own threads.  Alternatively, you can go to our Portal to read the articles and either leave comments or give Likes to articles.  That would earn you some KP$.  For more information on KP$, please refer to this article.
  • If you wish to change your password, click on your UserName on the top navigation bar.  Then click on the Edit link in the menu on the right.  Now, you will be able to change your password, your Avatar or profile picture, and all your other profile information.  Remember to click on the Save button to confirm the changes.  To change your UserName or registered email address, you will need to send an email to
  • Please note that certain sub-Forums such as Rants are only available when you have made at least 30 postings to our Forums, ie. when you are promoted to the Orange-Belt Rank.  The more you contribute to our conversations, the greater access you will be given to our Forums.

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Find Tuition/Enrichment Centres