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Onboarding Guide for Tutors, Coaches, and Trainers

Welcome to! is visited by over 10,000 parents and students each day, looking for advice on helping grow into well-balanced adults.
As a trainer for young children and adults, you cannot afford to ignore this platform. Here is a ready pool of parents who are always on the lookout for good and effective trainers and programmes.  If you can demonstrate to parents that you are not only a competent trainer, but also one who is passionate about your job, you will gain good reputation which will bring you many customers through
To achieve this, you must establish a presence in and use it to proactively interact with the community, to show your earnest conviction in wanting to help your students.
Here are the first steps:
  1. Click here to read our Terms of Service & Privacy Statement.  It is important you understand and accept our terms and conditions before using services. 
  2. Click here to sign up for a free account.
    • You should include a concise description of yourself and what you hope to get out of in your Profile, because other members often check out these profiles to try to understand who they are talking to.
    • As a service provider offering services to parents, we highly recommend that you use your real name or Company name as your Username or nick name for your account.  This allows parents to know who they are talking to, and avoid accusations of attempts at masquerading as happy customers.  You may go by a simple name that your students often call you, if you are not comfortable.  However, do note that not all names may be available.  Click on this link to check the availability of names.
    • If you are a tuition centre, we highly recommend that you get your tutors to post their profiles with us.  Your tutors can state which company they belong to, which will help increase your mindshare with parents.
  3. Create and add your trainer’s profile to our Directory of Tutors & Coaches, by clicking on this link.  Please note that this is a mandatory requirement for any individuals offering personal services to advertise on
    • There is NO CHARGE for getting yourself listed in the Directory.  In our Basic Listing, you get to state your profile, your qualifications and your service offerings in great detail, which will allow parents to understand who you are and what you are offering, as well as interact with you by posting comments to your Profile.  You can also get your satisfied customers to provide their real user accounts of your services, but do not fake these accounts yourself because you will be violating’s Policy on Responsible Comments and be entered into’s public blacklist of unethical service providers if we find out what happened.
    • The only thing that is not provided for in Basic Listings are direct contact information (telephone, email address, URL to personal/company websites) and the free text Personal Description fields where you get to give your pitch to our parents.  This is only available in Standard Listings which require a small annual fee.
    • Note that regardless of whether you have a Basic or Standard Listing, parents can always contact you through your account using either Personal Messages (PM) or email (assuming you enabled that option in your Account Profile).
  4. Interact with Parents
    • Constantly monitor and respond to PMs and email from parents.  You should set your account to send an email alert each time you receive a PM.
    • Constantly monitor and respond to comments posted to your trainer’s account in the Directory.  Parents will be very happy to see you being responsive.
    • Constantly monitor and look for opportunities in the Help Wanted Forum.  You are allowed to directly respond to these postings, but you are required to point the person back to your own listing in the Directory.  If you post full details about what you are offering in those thread, you will be considered as spamming and your Account will be terminated
    • Regardless of whether you are a Standard or Basic Listing service provider, you are NOT allowed to post contact information (ie. email, phone numbers or URL) in your replies as COMMENTS or posts to the Forums.  This information can only be posted within your profile in the Directory.  Comments or posts containing such information will be deleted without notice. Service providers who do this despite repeated warnings will have their account terminated.

Ratings and Accolades

Word-of-mouth social marketing ratings and accolades go a long way in establishing a service provider’s online and offline reputation.  As a trainer registered in’s Directory, you have the following modes which you can use to promote your standing as an effective trainer.

  • User Ratings
    • The standard 5-star Rating control applies to your profile, allowing any registered member of to rate you.  A rating 3-star or higher is indicative of a good service provider.
  • User Comments
    • Any member of is free to comment in your profile.’s Policy on Responsible Comments applies here, to protect service providers from malicious campaigns set up by certain individuals to discredit specific service providers. 
  • KSP Ratings
    • Please read this article for important information regarding KSP Ratings.
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