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Organic Nuts Giveaway: Grab a free packet of your choice now!

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Health enrichment – A daily dose of nutrition in your daily diet with nuts!

Munch a handful of Organic mixed nuts like almonds, cashew and walnuts and you will be doing more good to keep yourself healthy and stay fit!

Nuts have it all!

Rich in energy, protein, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and the much-discussed omega-3 fatty acids. Crunchy yet buttery, wonderfully delicious nuts are wonderful gifts to humankind by mother nature.



We are giving away 100 packets of Organic Nuts from Nutts Attitude. Choose your favourite flavour and stand to win a packet!
*20 packets each of 5 different flavours available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Organic Trail Mix -20
Organic Fruity Mix -20
Organic Hemp and Flax Granola -20
Organic Granola -20
Organic Muesli -20
*Organic Healthy Mix – 10 (bonus)

Only for the first 100 participants. Simply fill up the form and stand to win.

Closing date: 18 October 2016.


Nuts are companionable!

  • They are small is size and can be carried along with you wherever you go!
  • No special containers or carry boxes required.
  • Nuts have long shelf life and are not easily perishable.
  • What you see is what you get. Enjoy as it is whenever and wherever you like.

Nature’s friendly! Almost all the varieties of nuts and seeds we eat come in safe envelopes (shells). There is nothing to worry too much about contamination or handling issues. Just grab healthy-looking nuts of your choice and enjoy!

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