Our family’s three long years with eczema

Just wanna share a bit regards to my younger daughter’s bad Eczema that pestered her for the past 3 years….

In fact, the Eczema started from my elder daughter four years ago that last for a year before she outgrown it….

After that, it was 很無奈的傳給了 to my younger daughter without anyone knowing about it…Till one day, my younger daughter complaint the unbearable itchy that falls on her every hour especially during night time that makes her unable to sleep/ even fall asleep already also unable to sleep well..

This happen 3 years ago till this year…I have been sending her to different hospital & even skin centre to have her being treat by different doctors till it was really out of hand & Skin centre tested her blood & told me she was only allergy to furs (Soft toys & nuts) But can eat seafood as mentioned by doctors….

Since after seeing so many doctors & show no improvement at all….i started to believe in whoever that told me….about wherever & whoever or whick particular doctor is sooooooo good & I have been changing quite a few Gp & the "good doctors" ever since then…Till I thought I have finally "found"a really good & wisdom doctor to cure my daughter…thinking "this doctor" will be the last & also the effective de….Why I mention is "effective" because….

I started to let "this doctor" to examine my daughter in Feb 2009. In Feb 2009, we see "this doctor" every week for weekly check-up because my daughter was really in the "worst" stage of Eczema…Anyone whom have see her, will definitely say my daughter is having "Chicken Pox"…. 

Although after hearing it, It hurt me & my daughter badly, But we have to accept & explain again & again to anyone that asked about her.
So after a month of the weekly check up (4 times)…To my whole family surprise!! She recover 80% towards a normal healthy young girl with almost beautiful skin….!

Due to the recovering was fast after a month, the doctor change the check- up to monthly basis & also "STRONG" medicine can only be given ONCE on the first month of our visiting & also due to lots of side effects (I only get to know about side effects after I’ve asked, & I was only being told on the 2nd month of the check up!) OK Fine….! Since doctor told me & there are sign of recovery….我就算了!

But months after months, the normal medicine doesn’t seems to work well as in….medicine is perscripe in monthly basis..Why i said doesn’t seems to work well, because…."Eat medicine daily, daughter’s skin not itchy. Once medicine finished up & not in time to go for a check up even delay a few days….Back to serious itchy skin with "pokker dots" again….

Just then early of this year, this issue had alert both mine & my hubby families…till one of my hubby’s elder sister had a friend from the skin specialist who is a professor & check with him all the medicine that was given to my younger daughter…..

A week later to my surprise in the early morning before we go to work…hubby’s sis called & informed that:
"The yellow medicine is only can be prescripe to be consume for 3 days only…not 1 whole MONTH….
The green medicine is only MEANT for ADULT to consume NOT KIDS at the age of 7+ years old!
The Blue medicine will only be suitable for short term not long term consuming!
As all the above medicine in long term consume will CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE & LOTS OF SIDE EFFECT to Kidneys & Lungs!!

The above medicines had been given to my daughter by my daily feeding to her already!
I almost faint!!!!! after hearing it! Can you (Anyone or Parents) accept it after this kind of news EARLY IN THE MORNING!!

So I immediately stop all the medicine!

While stopping all medicine, my daughter itchness is back. So out of no choice…I listen tomy mum & let her try on a product that will boost up her immune system, open up her diet, cure her itchy & make her skin look beautiful again, at the same time give her all the neccessary best nutrition which was extracted from 15 kinds of different fruits….

Now my daughter Eczema had improvement & also is healthy again.

So please all KSP, please do take note & CHECk on which Gp/ doctor that is going to examine your precious child! Although it’s going to be very 麻煩! But better be safe than sorry!


Recently did some reading on breastfeeding and also if there is any pregnancy diet – so far, it’s still recommended to exclusive breastfeed, and if that can’t be done, then consider hydrolyzed milk. Probiotics has also been shown in some studies to prevent eczema, a little more here!


Take care everyone!

Mei of EczemaBlues

This is really the best

This is really the best information shared with us , it will really helps and guide smnay peoples.Thanks for the sharing.

baby eczema

thanks for sharing. very

thanks for sharing. very pitty to have this kinds of sickness

Doctor vs Mum

hi babies

thanks for sharing your experience.

Quite scary on the medication given by the doctor.

But what really triggered me to comment here is that the eventual effective solution is from your mom!!!

Perhaps from now on I should be more willing to try my mum & MIL medical solutions …

My family has a history of eczema

I’m not sure about my grand parents, but for sure my mother has it, my sibling, my kids and of course myself suffer from eczema. So I have 40 years of experience fighting against it and fully understand the discomfort.

Eczema is also related to asthma. Those with severe eczema is more likely to have asthma as well. My 10 years old boy
& myself are typical examples.

Most cream for eczema are steroid that is why it is not recommended for long term use.

My family found a way to overcome or at least reduce the eczema attack by taking complete nutritional supplement that is complete with anti-oxidant and minerals that our body need. It not only work on the eczema but also the overall well being our our health.

When choosing for supplement, it is necessary to ensure that it is complete and balance with all the nutrition our body need, bio-availability so that our body can absorb it, manufacture according to pharmaceutical grade with potency guarantee and of course safe to consume.


Just look out for the word "steroid" in the medication. Anything with steroids is not safe to be used for more than a few days.

The only way to prevent eczema is to moisturize.  Doctors advise using moisturizers a few times day. 

mathspark: Ya, infact msg

mathspark: Ya, infact msg dh sis le. searching for the notes….this kind of things seldom keep de…lolx…

xiangxiangmin: I feel that 用豆腐水了好像没冲凉冲得干津。。Anyway Thanks!


Muffins: Is ok… No worries!

thank you for sharing


 No problem babies. Just

 No problem babies. Just edit your blog when you’ve got the names. Thanks.

I definitely think there’s a link between breastfeeding and ezcema/allergis/rhinitis etc. My girl suffers from all of these in varying degrees while my boy has none of  these, other than the occasional heat rash.



 muffins,are you lost?

 muffins,are you lost?

Impossible by Shontelle is

Impossible by Shontelle is the best song in the world! 

This is an interesting

This is an interesting article that will let other people know the disastrous effect of that ailment to our health.We should always be healthy so that we’ll never experience such diseases.Most especially to babies and also to those elderly people who have a weak resistance to sickness.That’s why our government has a medical assistance that will help the senior citizens to have a healthy life.When stock markets take a dive, and real estate values plummet, often who gets left high and dry are senior citizens, who can have a huge chunk taken out of their retirement savings or the nest egg they have invested in their home.  There have been more seniors resorting to borrowing money, even payday loans or reverse mortgages in order to make the move into a nursing home or assisted living community.The baby boomers are going to cripple Social Security, and the next generation or two are going to have to face some far harder choices than generations past. 

Hi Babies..thanks for the info

Hi Babies

Thanks for sharing, I have heard of it and the brand before.  We are trying to give the girls fruits more often now, hopefully it will help them eventually as we hardly give them fruits to eat.

Lolx...haha....I can't

Lolx…haha….I can’t lah…cos I feel shy @ their age now..

Actually hor....I have ever heard a mum breastfeed her child

until 12 years old, that was the ultimate for me!    So no need …

Hi ks2me,   Thanks for

Hi ks2me,


Thanks for sharing with me regards to breastfeeding….But my 2 daughters are already in primary two….how to breastfeed? I feel shy leh…lolx….!! 

Hi jerejoy, please check

Hi jerejoy, please check your pm.


Hi mathsparks, I don't have

Hi mathsparks,

I don’t have the names as I have throw away all the medicines already. I will try to check whether my dh’s sister have it or not cos dh msg her to check out the medicine from her friend. 


The "doctor" sounded so irresponsible if the info on the coloured pills are true. :faint:

Btw, I am not sure if this is still useful to you unless you have another child, but a friend told me breastmilk is good for curing or reducing eczema.  Her child has eczema and she breastfed him until 3-4 years old and the eczema went away.  Even doctors claimed so according to her.  I am not sure if it is true as I hear it from her, perhaps someone can shed some light if this is urban legend or a real treatment for eczema.

 can share the names of

 can share the names of the blue, green and yellow medicines so parents can watch out for that? Thanks for sharing.



Hi babies, Can adults

Hi babies,

Can adults suffering eczema drink this Nutrifresh too? Is it effective for adults as well? Where can I buy them? Thanks!

Hi Lydia, That was

Hi Lydia,

That was introduce by my mum called Nutrifresh. It consist of 30 long packs & was to be add into warm water in the morning hald an hour before giving them their breakfast. A box cost less than 50 buck & it is for a month supply de.

Oh poor boy! His mummy

Oh poor boy! His mummy should put in more effort to search out the best solution…Although I am not a good mum though but @ the very least effort I have tried to find solution to cure my dd.

As I am also occasionally have the itchy here & there, I feel that it is unbearable already. Then how can a kid live with here other than scratch & scratch till bleed…not only hurt themself but also what will hapen in future when thay have grown up. Will their skin look beautiful? If it’s no, will kids blame us parent for not taking good care of them….At least this’s my concern too…

Hi Blurbee,   Thanks for

Hi Blurbee,


Thanks for your concern..As for my dd, she’s sensitive to both too humid & cold weathers & Temp.. that’s why on & off too easily to get itchy on her skin. 

My simple solution

I would like to share my personal experience in dealing with eczema. About 5 years ago, I started having eczema and it got so bad that almost my entire body was affected. I notice that when I scratched the area, it turns red and there were patches of bumps. Yes, I’ve seen the specialist and was prescribed oral medication and cream but it did not help. In my frustration, I went through the website and read about how other eczema sufferers handle their problem. From there, I came to know of a simple solution…that is…to apply soothing lotion all over the body and not just on the itchy area and reapply as many times as I can daily. I’ve done that and it really helps. Within 2 weeks, there is a vast improvement in my condition. From then onwards, whenever my skin is very dry, the eczema will come back and I just apply baby lotion on a wider area around the itchy patch. So far, I find AVENT baby moisturises most soothing for my skin. Whenever I touch anything which is dusty, I will get itchiness on my hand and it helps when I apply lotion first before touching those things and after that wash my hand and reapply the lotion again. Hope this works for the rest of you:-)

Hi Babbies

May I know what kind of stuff you give to your kid to boost the immune system? Also, what is best nutrition which was extracted from 15 kinds of different fruits that you mentioned?

I am just curious as my family, nephews, nieces and my younger daughter all seem to have eczema.


my nephew suffered from

my nephew suffered from eczama until he reached 16 years old.  he is such a handsome boy but the moment he felt hot (cannot do sport at all); he will start to itch and sometimes he will use a ruler or anytime sharp to reduce the itch and often it bleed.   I often pity him and he just said that he has learnt to live with it.

Finally his mum brought him to see a specialist;  he need to soak himself by soaking his PJ with a kind of solution and wear it for a week every night.  It was OK after that.  I was alittle angry why his mum did not bring him to see this speicalist earlier!!!

hi babies, sorry to hear

hi babies, sorry to hear abt this. understand how desperate we parents can get sometimes when it comes to our darling babies. my fren recommended me this "good" doctor which uses alternative treatment (namely dietary restrictions and health supplemts) and says her colleagues who saw the doctor had major improvements to health. i reminded her to check out if this doc is regulated by any professional bodies. end of day, its good to have someone (who has the money) to sue (if anything happens) and most impt, at least give u some assurance /peace of mind as to the professionalism of the doctor. afterall, we all just want the best n effective care for our kids.

good to hear your dd’s skin condition is much better now 🙂


Thank you for sharing

Thank you babies. So glad to hear that your DD is well now.

My DS also seems to have eczema since birth. He will feel itchy when he sweat. So I have to on the aircon so that he feels cooling when sleeping, else he won’t be able to sleep well. I think his condition is mild, only need to apply some medicated cream on the affected skin.

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