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Our First Christmas Tree

After much consideration, we decided to get our first family Christmas tree — a 3-feet green tree that comes complete with snow flake-shaped fibre optic lights. We were contemplating between a 3-feet and 4-feet tree but our 3-year-old girl chose the 3-feet one, probably because it is about her height. We also chose the fibre optic Christmas tree over the traditional one as the fibre optic lights do not exude heat and are safer around kids.

Though our Christmas tree is not as spectacular as a 6-feet one, it is still awesome to look at when it’s lighted up and the blinking multi-colored fibre optic lights brighten up the entire room and our hearts. That is the magic of Christmas tree – when lighted up, it is able to bring cheer and smiles to everyone around it. My girl and I even added some cotton wool randomly on the tree to make it look like snow. And we have had such fun doing it together.

It suddenly dawned on me that the family Christmas tree is not just a Christmas tree. It is also a symbol of family togetherness and bonding, as well as love and giving as we intend to place our Christmas presents around the tree.

Looking back, I realised I have never had a Christmas tree during my childhood as it was considered a luxury rather than a need. Even after I graduated and came out to work, I still considered the Christmas tree a luxury and an unnecessary item to have. But I love Christmas, so I got myself a miniature Christmas tree just to display on the table top. I was single then and the tree has no significant meaning to me. Not until now.

This Christmas is going to be so much more special because of our first family Christmas tree. We can certainly look forward to many happy moments of family bonding, admiring the beautifully lighted tree and unwrapping Christmas presents around the tree.


christmas tree

hi angelight

may i know where did u buy ur xmas tree with all the fibre optic lighting?

i wanna get one too!

thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing.

When we bought our first tree some 8 years back, there were hardly any ornaments on it cuz they were so expensive.  Over the years, every year, I will just keep adding on 1 or 2. 

Today, my DS has the honour of choosing the ornaments (it has become a tradition now to purchase one every year) and help me set up the xmas tree.  Its an activity that we both enjoy doing and which he looks forward to since he was 2 years old.

Hi Chatelaine, Thanks!

Hi Chatelaine,

Thanks! Actually our fibre optics Christmas tree doesn’t require any decorations. It comes with the lights. We just add on the cotton wool for snow effect.

And Merry Christmas to you and your family too! 

Nice x'mas tree

Hi Angelight

That’s a nice x’mas tree after decoration!

My DD loves x’mas tree, especially those golden balls hanging on the trees.

Merry X’mas To U & Family 

My whole family loves to

My whole family loves to put up the Christmas tree every year too.  It is happy and fun to set up and decorate the tree for Christmas season.  So far, I have changed three trees (quite old considering so many years ago already).  My three kids love them especially the youngest one, who is attracted to the lights and cute decorations.  This year, we reuse our Christmas tree from last year – a small white tree with blue lights and cute decors from Daiso. 

Merry Xmas everyone!

I agree, with a x'mas tree

I agree, with a x’mas tree at home, it highlights the spirit of x’mas, the spirit of giving, sharing, love & hope, you bring home the x’mas mood and is different mood from what you get in Orchard road 

I just received my first X’mas treee yesterday and immediately can feel the mood and joy of x’mas at home.  My DS who is 2 yrs old was so excited and can’t stop saying "x.mas tree…x’mas tree.." tree is still bare though and need to get the decorative bells, stars, snow to make it really nice…  I will encourage parents to get a tree in their home if no space constraint and if they celebrate x’mas as a religion.


Hi markfch, I know what you

Hi markfch,

I know what you mean about unpacking the Christmas tree after Christmas is over. Which is why we decided to get a smaller tree that comes with decorative fibre optic lights, so don’t even have to buy any decorations and easy to pack and unpack. No sweat. 

You should really consider

You should really consider getting a Christmas tree, ksme. It does make a difference in the home, especially with kids around. 

X'mas trees always give me

X’mas trees always give me fond memories. A lighted X’mas at home means tranquility & more supply of patience. A lighted X’mas tree in the office means work is adjourned till Jan (ok this is my definition only) .

The only thing I’m apprehensive about X’mas trees? It’s the packing up after the 12 days of X’mas is over. There was one yr I got so slack and kept it on display till CNY was over.


I have always loved looking

I have always loved looking at Christmas trees. They are part of the magic of Christmas. Love those real trees especially since they give out a nice fragrance. Never owned a tree in my life though. Someday, maybe I will.

Merry Christmas!

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