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There is no better way to learn about parenting than from the experiences of other parents who have been there, done that.

In this section, we feature some of our dedicated and selfless KiasuParents who have spent much time and effort in documenting their parenting experiences with their children to share their triumphs and tribulations and lessons and techniques with other parents in our community.  Some of our KiasuParents are professionals in child care and education, some are service providers, but nearly everyone are real practitioners… we are parents ourselves, and we have to practice what we preach 🙂 .

Occasionally, we will also highlight very good posts in our Kiasu Forums and automatically promote the contributor as a KiasuParent to make it easier for others to find his/her articles.  Benefits of a KiasuParents:

  • You will be able to maintain your own blog on, and have full control over the content that you put up in your own name.
  • You can create and edit your own articles or put up events to alert users.  Anyone following your blog will see all the articles you put up.  However, they will not appear on the front page of unless you alert our editors by sending a PM to ChiefKiasu.  We reserve the right to decide on which articles go on the home page, or to remove objectionable content.
  • The contributor is not obliged to submit articles on a regular basis.

If you wish to be featured as a KiasuParent, please send me a Private Message along with some information about yourself, your children and links to your blogs (if any).  Note that this will be subjected to some qualification by us to verify if you are suitable as a contributor.  The best way to become a KiasuParent is still to post your article to our Kiasu Forums and follow that up with a PM for us to make the initial qualification.

Note that all contributors to must respect the copyrights of other content providers.  If you are submitting an article written by others, you MUST credit your source and provide a URL link back to the origin.  If you are copying the information verbatim, you must ask the source for permission to do so.

All KiasuParents’ Blogs

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Here are the external blogs of parents who have bookmarked in their blogs.  Do visit them if you want to see how dedicated Singaporean parents really are to their children:



Very helpful tips!

Very helpful tips!

thanks a lot

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot!

new member query

if i dont have a blog then how do i start posting. I read its necessary that you have KP points thru blogpost to post in any forum. Kindly advise soon. 

new member

Hello! Hope to find more interesting child-rearing and lifestyle tips here


welcome all newbies! i was new not too long ago ahha. I love the purpose of this website, its a very loving community!

Kiasu mum

Hi, I am new here. I need guidance for posting on forum. My girl just turned 1 this month and I want to send her to good school. Is there any method. Please help. Thank you. 

new member... help.. how do i see my current KP$?

new here.  Please guide me to post a new topic on the forum. thanks

New Member

Hi I’m a new member here and would like to learn more about child upbring through this fourm. 🙂

I’m currently trying to post a topic on the forum but is unable to do so. I’m asking for some help in doing so. Thanks.

Hi, I am new member.   Please


I am new member.


Please guide me to post a new topic on the forum.


Was unable to do so.








Thank you :)

Thankyou for dropping a link off to my blog. To be honest, this could be the best resource for Singapore or even expatriate parents to refer for their kids education guide.


Cheers and keep up the good work!



Hi everyone

Im new here.Found out about this website n like it very much. It is very informative and hope to learn more. Im SAHM and mother of 3.  2 growing up boy n girl and 8 yr old boy.



Constance and Cheryl

They are like such great friends. BTW, which gymnastic school are they attending? Seems like loads of fun!

Constance and Cheryl

Hmmm… your daughters can paint very well!

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