Our parents’ dreams …

Something I received in my email that i feel is worth sharing.

Something that we do often take for granted.

This is about a man who tells how his booking an air ticket for his father, his first flight, brought emotions and made him realize that how much we all take for granted when it comes to our parents. 

My parents left for our native place on Thursday and we went to the airport to see them off. In fact, my father had never travelled by air before, so I just took this opportunity to make him experience the same.

In spite of being asked to book tickets by train, I got them tickets on Lufthansa.

The moment I handed over the tickets to him, he was surprised to see that I had booked them by air. The excitement was very apparent on his face, waiting for the time of travel. Just like a school boy, he was preparing himself on that day and we all went to the airport, right from using the trolley for his luggage, the baggage check-in and asking for window seat and waiting restlessly for the security check-in to happen.

He was thoroughly enjoying himself and I, too, was overcome with joy watching him experience all these things.

As they were about to go in for the security check-in, he walked up to me with tears in his eyes and thanked me. He became very emotional and it was not as if I had done something great but the fact that this meant a great deal to him. When he said thanks, I told him there was no need to thank me.

But later, thinking about the entire incident, I looked back at my life.

As a child how many dreams our parents have made come true. Without
understanding the financial situation, we ask for football, dresses, toys,
outings, etc. Irrespective of their affordability, they have satisfied to
all our needs. Did we ever think about the sacrifices they had to make to
accommodate many of our wishes?

Did we ever say thanks for all that they have done for us?

Same way, today when it comes to our children, we always think that we
should put them in a good school.

Regardless of the amount of donation, we will ensure that we will have to
give the child the best, theme parks, toys, etc. But we tend to forget that
our parents have sacrificed a lot for our sake to see us happy, so it is our
responsibility to ensure that their dreams are realized and what they failed
to see when they were young, it is our responsibility to ensure that they
experience all those and their life is complete.

Many times, when my parents had asked me some questions, I have actually
answered back without patience. When my daughter asks me something, I
have been very polite in answering. Now I realize how they would have felt at those moments.

Let us realize that old age is a second childhood and just as we take care
of our children, the same attention and same care need to be given to our
parents and elders.

Rather than my dad saying thank you to me, I would want to say sorry for
making him wait so long for this small dream. I do realize how much he has
sacrificed for my sake and I will do my best to give the best possible
attention to all their wishes. Just because they are old does not mean that
they will have to give up everything and keep sacrificing for their
grandchildren also. They have wishes, too.’

Take care of our parents. Don’t take them for granted and make them feel
small and unwanted in their old age. They too have feelings/dreams/hope/
aspirations/wishes (and many broken/shattered ones) too while sacrificing them to give us our needs and our wants.

May this be the year where we continue to build on existing relationships and work on re-building broken ones.

Great article. Guilty as

Great article. Guilty as charged. I’m Daddy’s girl so we are like buddies. But with my Mom, I’m quite impatient. Now that I’m a Mom myself, I try to be nicer and more patient with my Mom. Am I thinking of how DD will treat me in future? Nahhh… I’d just suddenly realized my Mom’s very old and fragile. Then I wonder where all the time has gone. I felt cheated and decided there is no time to waste in being a better daughter. I’m "stunted" but better late than never 🙂

That's true. Thanks for

That’s true. Thanks for sharing

thanks zack and buds for

thanks zack and buds for reminding me the love of our own parents. once in a while, when i see a suitable shirt, i wil buy for my daddy. nothing expensive and he always say no need to buy new clothes but i know when he receives my gifts, he wil smile, both on the outside and on the inside 🙂

my siblings and i grew up not expecting much from my parents cos although we were not poor, my dad has to support his mum and younger siblings as well. thankfully for that too, cos now that his siblings r into middle age too n very much more richer, they r also repaying my dad like a father (since my grandma passed away) by visiting him, bringing my parents with extended family out for picnics, meals etc.  

Thanks Zack for sharing!

I also have a tendency of talking to my parents impatiently although I’ll usually regret afterwards. I know in my heart I owe them so much that I can never repay. Especially ever since I become a parent, I can better appreciate the unconditional love they have given us. At the end of the day, they are the only ones who truely care about us and will be there for us no matter what. I want them to live the rest of their lives as comfortablely and carefree as possible.  It’s a pity I can’t see them as often as I wish as they live in another country.  That’s why I try to fulfill anything tangible they need and visit them as often as possible.

Great post n

Great post n inspiration! Don’t wait for that holiday u always wanted when u can already afford it, go for it now. Enjoy the great moments u have together before it is too late… too money saved is opportunity lost… time lost can never be earned back… whereas money can…

its true - we have always

its true – we have always taken our parents for granted.  🙂  will our kids take us for granted next time?  better save this article for them to read.  🙂

I read this article some time back and i’ve finally made time to bring my parents for a trip with my kids in tow.  I must say although I’ve spent some money, the memories are really worth it.  They have been wanting to go holidays with my kids – all of us actually, and I’m very glad that we did it. 

We are planning for our 2nd holidays altogether this year again.


Great post!

Thank you Zack & buds for your sharings.

Thanks buds... Your sharing

Thanks buds… Your sharing never fails to move me… There is no wondering why you are daddy’s little girl… 4ever!


One thing you rightly pointed out… Sometimes fulfilling our loved ones’ dreams and making them happy need not always cost a lot… It’s through observing and personalising our gestures to them that will make them feel unique and that we cared enough to notice what they like that matters.


Thanks ZacK, for this inspirational piece. Tears welled up my eyes as i was reading it. I am one sensitive nut… something that many fail to see in me reali.. 😛 Reading the article made me have some reflections on my growing up years, cos you see… i was somewhat different. I dunno, i just don’t ask for stuff. I was seemingly sensitive with the goings-on of my environment. I somewhat understood that my parents weren’t well off and that it took Daddie a lot of time away from the family to go out to work and support his family.. a lot of effort. Mumsie would be whirring away on her sewing machine, trying to finish up the tailoring orders. So, we (siblings and i) just never asked… for stuff or for anything..

But somehow Daddie knew. Knew what? Daddie knew what we liked… what game was hot then… which books we were into… which was the kinda music we followed… Daddy knew. How? Cause he observes. That neu BMX we were patting in the bike shop one day… the new book we rushed to read through when we were given time to spare at the bookshop… that new pair of jeans we were looking through the mall window in the city… Daddie observed. And at his own time and affordability, Daddie would suddenly surprise us with his little gifts he knew we’d like.

Daddie loved wrapping layers of newspapers over the actual gifts. He would make us guess what’s inside. Well, being children we were always tricked into thinking that the gift was the actual size of it lah.. and boy we were always wrong. Daddie loved watching us fumble over the tapes and newpapers. He enjoyed watching our awestruck faces uncovering the actual present beneath all that thick newspapers. When he finally cud afford a camera, he’s take snapshots of us in action.. for keepsake. A picture says a thousand words he said.

So, just like how we never asked Daddie or Mumsie for anything… we too now give back without their asking. The girls and i would give a surprise visit bearing their favourite foods… i set up an email account for the girls, so they could send gramps their latest picture at school or an outing… or sometimes just MMS a shoutout.. "We miss you Grandpa!! Hope to see you soon!" or even just a self-written letter from them telling gramps that they were being thought of fondly that day, while they were doing something…

It’s really the little things that mean so much. Little do we sometimes realize that we can be happy with the little things in life… at times not costing anything at all.

Though we just met gramps yesterday over sun, sand, sea and of course nice makan… we miss them already. Till we meet again… Just reading this article makes me think fondly of them yet again. 😉


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