Our Self Drive Trip to Redang

 We went with two other cars on a convoy. Set out from Woodlands at 6.30 am on a Saturday. As agreed, we have selected the other experience driver to lead us the way. He used GPS and planned where to make the stop over for resting breaks.

For ease of communication while driving, all three cars were equipped with walkie talkie. So, if there is a need for unplanned break (toilet visit / nausea), we have a quick chat and alert the other drivers that we need to make a stop over. 

Most of the time, the roads are single lane and winding. We need patience and skills to overtake slow moving vehicles. Do bear in mind, we might be exercising patience and common sense when overtaking. But there are errants drivers who did not or the oncoming vehicle moving into our lane when driving on a bend. 

In all, we stop at Kota Tinggi town for breakfast, lunch at Kuantan, several toilet breaks and finally arrive in Kuala Terengganu at 6 pm. Stayed one night in Seri Malaysia hotel (cheap accommodation), with Pizza Hut, KFC, pharmacy within 5 minutes walking distance to the hotel.

The following morning, we had a quick breakfast in the hotel, check out and headed to Merang jetty for the boat ride.

Our cars were parked besides Merang Shah Bandar  jetty open space car park. In total the car park fee cost less than RM 20 for 3.5 days.

On the day, we arrived, we brought the kids to the beach in front of the resort. In Laguna, the equipment for snorkelling and life jacket are included in the package. For hygiene purposes, we bought our own snorkelling gears. In the shallow water first, we’ve taught the kids to be comfortable in using the snorkelling equipment. To self adjust the equipment if water seeps through the lens or mouth piece. To not panic (haha over excited) when see a school of fishes attacking the piece of bread in our hands.

Once they are comfortable, we brought them to the open sea where we saw a baby black tip shark, a murray eel and plenty other fishes.


Above, picture of my handsome kuaci eyes son.


He did his first try in snorkelling. Do note we also bought shoes that allow us to walk on the sand without worrying on dead corals cutting our feet.

Here’s a picture of my girl posing for picture at the marine park. If you look carefully, majority of the corals are dead but there are still plenty of beautiful fishes swimming around.

 After we checked out from Laguna Redang (I forgot to mention from Merang jetty to Laguna Redang vice versa, it’s 2 hours boat ride), we drove back to Kuantan and stayed 2 nights before proceeding our journey back to Singapore.

Check out the batik painting experience. It only cost us RM 10 for the wax printed cloth and paints.

The place for batik painting. You can also buy batik souvenirs like bags, t-shirts from this place.

My daughter in the midst of painting.

Her final master piece

very interested..

thanks for sharing your story, i think it is more memorable because you went with others.

this is something i would definately want to do with my kids.

although I am a bit worried about the bathroom stops along the way. 


thanks for sharing =)

thanks for sharing =)



Thanks for posting.  From your description, it sounded a feasible drive trip for us too.  will try it. 

Hi,I have really enjoyed


I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. I like it. I hope, you are well. That’s really a very wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing such a nice information with us.


Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂


Hello Chamonix!

Hope things are well with you? Cruise package, don’t really do justice for the beautiful Redang. I believe it’s a very short stop over right? Never mind. Redang Island is there to stay for everyone to enjoy. Whenever you are free and logistically unchallenge, you might want to stay at the beautiful island.





Berjaya or Laguna

Hello Buds

Sorry for the late reply. Busy as always.

Which resort is better? Definitely dependent on your preference. I think Berjaya is good for a quiet family place. There is a new sea facing wing which I think is attractive too. Berjaya has a private beach which I believe no other vacationer (unless they stay in Berjaya) can enjoy. Berjaya has an upmarket feeling if you like things posh. Clarity of the sea wise, should be the same. As you know we went with two other families. Our choice is Berjaya, the other family Laguna and the last family I think wants to stay in Redang Resort (3 price ranges).

So we sort of compromise to meet in the middle and chose Laguna. No regrets. The place as feedback by the family who chose it (they’ve been there several times) is very well maintain. The feeling that I have gotten from Laguna is a fun place to be. Lots of kids at the pool. Very popular with their snorkelling trips (twice in a day) and the boat that depart from the jetty are at least 3-5 big boats. Food wise, buffet is of acceptable standard. Beach wise, we can enjoy two places. One is directly in front of Laguna. If you walk out to the left, there is another cove which cater to smaller resorts. The left beach has lesser dead corals and fine white sand.

Based on my observation of the snorkelling that I did (Marine park, open sea water and Laguna beach front), I prefer the beach in front of Laguna. To the left, the corals are still alive unlike the Marine park where most are either turning brown or dead (white). I even saw a baby black tip shark lurking around. For plenty of beautiful fishes without swimming so far out, the right side of the beach is perfect for it. As seen in the picture I post (the ones with the lady in black swim suit. Near the rocks, plenty of colourful fishes.

Hope the review helps 😀



Walkie Talkie & Convoying

Hi tree nymph

So sorry for the late reply. Has been caught up with work again. As normal e-mail overflowing after long vacation.

We use the Motorola brand. Hubby bought it around $130. The voice quality is clear. Of course the person using it must know how to use it properly. I have the navigator often press the talk button and released before he finished talking. The distance covered will highly be dependent on the price and the ranges of the walkie talkie. Our navigator is the type that likes to speed up and forget the other two cars lagging behind. Ours will be the middle car & act as a sweeper. Often reminding the navigator that the last car has difficulty in overtaking.

Hey..we actually went to Desaru in March too to test out the walkie talkie and to see if the 3 families can get along fine. We have had a wonderful time in Desaru. No teething, no families issues. So we then agreed to take a longer vacation together, hence the Redang trip.

For Redang everything went fine until we stop over in Kuantan before heading back to Singapore. The other family has proceeded to book a chalet which the other two families has expressed concerned over the need to stay in a quality hotel/resort. Things turned a bit sour but we try to work things out.

So do take note when convoying with other families for the 1st time.







Thumbs up!

Hi En,

We were there early this year as it was part of the cruise package. Loved the beautiful clear water. Now, your writeup, especially the snorkelling pics, makes me want to go back there again!

buds, blurbee, tree nymph

Thanks for posting the comments. Alamak, I hit busy period and the kids just simply not moving to study when mummy’s back home late from work. Cleared their homework slightly before midnight. Still have work e-mail to clear.

I promise to reply by Saturday. Long reply for Buds on how I view the two resorts. Long reply for tree nymph cause there’s pros & cons when travelling with friends & about the walkie talkie.  Till then…

Which is better?

Been having mixed reviews about both resorts.

So, which is better… Berjaya or Laguna?

Heyya EN sista, you’ve been missed… by me. 

Nice to see you back in the forum after quite some time

of absence. 😉 Hey, and GRRRREEEAAATT write up, yo!

I love the pics. They speak a thousand words. Way better

than website ones that can be outdated pics from when

they first opened. 😛


Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing, EN.

Had planned to go Redang but feel that DS is too small (2yo). Likely to go when he is ard 4-5yo. Likely to go by flight or cruise as 12hrs+ travelling on coach is too much for DH.

walkie talkie?


how’s is the quality of the walkie talkie?  is it clear and light weight?  brand?  expensive?

I think its a very good idea with the walkie talkie especially when travelling in a group, no roaming charges!  Now I’m also thinking of asking my friends if they want to drive up together, maybe not to redang but to desaru first in Sept and when we gain more experience, then to Redang in Nov/Dec (if not monsoon season).

Redang Monsoon Season

Hi Fettuccine

Do check out the best month to visit Redang. September is not the monsoon season but we definitely need very sunny weather to enjoy snorkelling. Otherwise the water clarity will not be as good.


Warm Regards


Redang via coach / flight

Hi mummyjoyce

Another way to Redang (the fastest way) is via Berjaya flight. Here is the link to Tamarind’s blog on Berjaya Redang. http://redangwithkids.blogspot.com/

I have a friend that took a coach too. Their kids age ranges from 10 – 6. One of their child is a special needs child. So, if they can do it and enjoy the coach ride, I am sure we can too.


Warm Regards


It has been a good break.

Hi Bowie

Thanks. It has been a good break for us. There’s no need to envy. Just enjoy every travel opportunity that you have with your little ones. Every vacation that you have with your child at different stages of their life will have different memories. My daughter started travelling at 10 months and her first trip was Phuket. Of course different stage, different location, different needs. Now that they are bigger, flight fare cost a lot. They have their own preference of doing things too. So just enjoy your kiddo now and select a suitable vacation for the whole family to enjoy.




Nice trip! Thanks for

Nice trip! Thanks for sharing.  I must go one day, maybe during the term holidays in September.  My kids will love the snorkelling.

The clear water really

The clear water really really looks inviting.  I never know of this place called Redang.  I wil surely check it out next time but I dont like to drive – hopefully there is flight or coach.



Wow, can see that ur family and u have a great time!! Was in Redang via Cruise stopover. Its only a few hrs and as my gal is still small, 3yo. So we did not join muc water activities.

Really envy u and looking forward for my kids to grow older so that we can have such wonderful trips.

Thanx for the wonder pix and review!!



Safe carpark

Hi tree nymph,

I have posted another comment of the error. It’s Shah Bandar jetty instead of Merang. Is it a safe carpark?  Very difficult to say as it is an open car park with human operated gantry. We were glad none of the 3 cars have any scratches or being broken into.

I chat with another fellow Singaporean that I met in the resort. 57 people went for the trip (extended family) and they told me that they parked their car in a hotel as some of their relatives stayed over in Kuala Terengganu and did not want to make the trip to Redang.

The hotel that I stayed for a night cost us RM 160 per night. So, do the math and weigh the pros and cons.


How many hours worth of driving?

Hi amylqf,

Road journey approximately 12 hours. That includes stop over for breakfast, lunch, teatime and toilet breaks. If solely on driving, I take it about 8-10 hours. We were driving around 80-120 km per hour because of winding roads/single lane on each side. Any slow moving vehicles such as big truck block the way, need time to overtake safely.

is it safe to park the car?

Hi EN,

Thanks for the good write up.  I think its a really enjoyable trip!  Can  you tell me if its really safe to park the car beside the Merang Jetty?  Any theft?

beautiful scenery. wow, is

beautiful scenery. wow, is that 12 hours drive?

Slight error (paiseh paiseh)

The jetty is not Merang but Shah Bandar Jetty. Both jetties do have boats to Redang.

Thanks for the detailed

Thanks for the detailed sharing, EN 🙂 Makes me want to go Redang for our next trip

Lovely pictures !

Thanks for sharing. Looks like you have a wonderful trip 🙂

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