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Our Trip to Desaru

We took our cab from home to ferry terminal. Fortunately, driver knew the way. Got there at 9.45, no crowds so went straight through to ferry. Terminal has no f&b place and wait area. Ferry was quite comfortable, smooth voyage.

On Msia side, resort van was there to pick up us, another family of three and a single guy. Many people were checking out so we had to wait a couple of hours for our room. Had leisurely lunch at Teratai Coffee House. 

There was buffet lunch but I thought it would be there everyday so I ordered a la carte. Wish I had taken the buffet cos my fave dessert (bread & butter pudding) was there Bang Head The coffee house menu is good spread of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western. All prices in RM so when convert to SG was really good (not like Bintan Crying or Very sad ). We finished lunch but our room still not ready so they upgraded us to 3-bedroom for free (we had booked 2-bedroom). Not a duplex which was good as I don’t like them. 

The play area at the kids’ club. I think it opens only when the resort has lots of guests.

The resort’s beach.

Look out for the coconut! The ultimate outdoor shower!

The resort’s convenience store is … well, convenient

And prices are reasonable too. Bottle of 1.5-litre Coke cost only S$1.60.

For the next few days, we almost had the entire place to ourselves. We only went to the huge water park, which had some dead insects floating in the pool with the play equipment. The beach is beautiful, my daughter collected lots of pebbles.

We went to the fruit farm on our last day, no big deal. Kids didn’t enjoy walking through the orchards (it had rained earlier and ground was muddy) but did like the petting zoo.

What to see? Fruits lah!

There are koi too, which you can feed.

There’s also a museum but it smells musty.

And of course the petting zoo.

Check out was fast, return ferry trip was smooth too. At Changi, called for cab and returned home.

My husband, daughter and I enjoyed ourselves. My son didn’t like it because there were insects (dead, alive, flying, crawling, moth in lift, bee near coffee house, big ants, small ants, ants with wings, praying mantis, lizard) everywhere. But thankfully none in our room. I did get bitten by mosquitoes quite a lot. And flies were our regular meal companions at the coffee house (Equatorial Cameron had them too when I stayed there just after they opened in 1999).

Resort staff are very very nice. Even when they made mistakes (like serving chicken fried rice when I ordered Chinese fried rice), they quickly and quietly took the dish back and returned with the correct one. Food is superb, fresh and tasty. My kids loved the chicken nuggets, which are in heart shapes. I loved the fried rice dishes (tried Chinese and yong chow) and my husband enjoyed the roti canai (prata). My son really walloped the french toast at breakfast on our last day, so did I, it was really good.

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Thanks for sharing! =)

Thanks for sharing! =)

Need to revisit

 I wish my 1st trip to Desaru was this exciting and fun. My family and I were feeling very bored when we went to Desaru, perhaps we did not do much research on what to expect. 

Nonetheless, I do not mind going again after reading your post. 

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂


did you stay at the same resort as jacsplace?



CONGRATS! On your first article publication! Like i said in the thread, lovely review & sharing on Lotus, jacsplace. Thanks for taking the time to update us on your trip. I hope to bring my girls there next hols. 😉 And we’ll purposely go weekends…. for the buffet. Shlurrghp!


Thanks for wonderful review

That was really very nice review, kudos to you

Surprised that prices are

Surprised that prices are reasonable at the resort convenient store, most if not all other resorts’ convenient stores’ prices are usually much higher than outside.
Thanks for sharing.

Proud Daddy of P1 Boy at Tao Nan School …

Thanks for sharing. Also

Thanks for sharing.

Also chipping our experiences with Desaru here..

We went to Desaru in 2007 and it was a let down. Perhaps it was value for money for the prices we pay but we felt the place has seen its better days. Same issues with dead insects/ giant flies buzzing at every meals. The free shuttle bus brought us to their palsar malam which is not impressive. We did try some local treats and the fruits were fresh and sweet. Other than that, there is much to do. There is even a roach on my forehead when i woke up one morning! The room is air-conditioned thought there is an extended balcony and we wonder how on earth did the roach get inside ? Resort food is also so-so. Would recommend a little more to go club med – at least quality in all aspects is assured.


Thanks for infor. great

Thanks for infor. great photos

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