Our trip to Universal Studios Singapore

During this school holiday, we’ve bought our daughter to newly-opened Universal Studio Singapore. If the tourists want to go into the Universal Studio on the day itself, they will be disappointed as it is always FULL house.We booked our ticket one week in advance. Adult ticket is $66. Child above 3 years old is about $46. My hubby bought the express ticket, added in additional $20 per person. i.e. you could jump queue, people who brought express ticket would have privilege to go to express lane of each ride/activity.

As some of the activities was not fully operated, so the park compensated us with $10 shopping + $10 dinning vouchers for each person. so don’t forget to pickup the voucher at the entrance.

The theme park is pretty easy to navigate in a big circle. It is divided into several themes, Hollywood, Madagascar, Far far Away, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, New York. At Hollywood, mostly shops & restarant. At Madagascar, river boat ride was not open yet, coming soon. We did the merry-go-round. At Far far Away, There was a huge castle, we did shrek 4D show, donkey live , ferris wheel there. My daughter loved the 4D show the best. when donkey sneezed in the movie, you could actually feel the water splashed all over you. you could also feel the wind was blowing from back of your seat, chair was moving up and down. It was such a interesting show. At donkey live show, you would have chance to communicate with cartoon donkey face to face. you could ask donkey questions and donkey would answer you.

At The lost world, there was bunch of theme park activities, such as outdoor roller coaster, waterworld, canopy flyer, Juassic park train ride, Amber rock climb. At Ancient Egypt, there was a amazing indoor roller coaster where you could experience a thrill ride in total darkness. Well, it might be too scary for young children. My daughter wouldn’t dare to do it as she still kept the bad memory of roller coaster ride from our last disneyland HK trip. But I loved it the most, as it is different than other roller coaster that I have tried all over the world. It would have a sudden stop when the roller coaster was about to hit the wall, then the wall cracked with all the scary black insect that you can see in Mummy Return movie. Roller coast reversed and turn direction in the fast speed ride in the darkness. I felt a strong wind passing through my cheek, my hair was almost standing up. Occasionally, I saw flashing light, spider web, smoke and felt the mist in the air. Wow, that was really a interesting thrill experience!

At Sci-Fi City, the bigger outdoor roller coaster was not open for the day. We did the Accelerator, where you could sit in the cup design machine to swirling and twirling. At New York, we saw special effect studio called "Ligts, camera, Action". This is what Univeral Stuido is all about. You will be blown away by the filmmakers incredible special effect, setting for a major hurricane about to hit new york city. There was fire all over the place, can you believe it? Well, time flies. We’ve spent the whole day there, from 10am until 7pm. There are still some show that we didn’t have time to watch, as some of the show was ended as early as 4:30pm. We had dinner at the shopping mall outside the Universal Studio. It was such a wonderful outing for our family. We come out from from the car park, the hefty parking fee is also ‘wonderful’- $20! Might think of take public transport next time, haha

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Appreciate your writing and

Appreciate your writing and gave some good read.

Hi amylqf, Nope, the theme

Hi amylqf,

Nope, the theme park is not free.  I’ll be first to let ksp know if it is!   We thought a one day visit to Resorts World Sentosa may not be enough, so we became a member of the RWS, and booked a room for $200 for a night.  Carpark is claimable when you check out of hotel, so parking is free 😉

Hope they will have the same rate next time.  We did also get a good deal from Universal, cos there was the $5 retail and meal vouchers.  We received $60 worth of retail and meal vouchers altogether.  Not too bad!



you mean when you book the hotel, the theme park for whole family is Free? how much is the hotel per night? That’s seems a good deal!

tree nymph

no, $66 is the normal ticket. there is a yearly tickets about few hundred, but didn’t remember the exact figure.

Thanks for the review!

$66 for the adult tix – is that already the express tix or do you need to add another $20 for it?  kids as well?

There is this annual tix too right?  how does that work?  is there express annual pass?

was thinking of bringing my kids there this June hols but was a little lazy to go (and me addicted to ksp forum!!)  when do you think the all the rides will be ready?

It sure is a wonderful outing!

It sure is a wonderful outing!

We went Universal Studios too (on Wednesday).  Even before the trip and stay, my kids were so excited that they packed their own luggage. 

The whole trip was complemented by a night’s stay at a family room at Festival Hotel.  After checking in at 3pm, we headed for the Hard Rock Hotel with children themed pools, and a mini sandy beach.  According to a waiter, the swimming pool at Festive Hotel is under construction.

Then off to dinner at the mall in the resort.  We only began Universal Studios the next early morning at 10 and finished at 7pm.

As soon as we entered Universal Studio, we headed for the train rides and shows. 

Lunch was settled at the Madagascar’s as they have asian food and kid’s meal.   After  dinner at Mel’s hamburgers, we quickly finished the last two shows (Monsters sing/dance and the Steven Spielburg special effects show).  Overall, the whole experience was fun and exciting.  Parking is free for guests of Festival Hotel.  My kids cried when we needed to leave at closing.  But "we will be back"  😉


reply to tankee, I don't

reply to tankee,

I don’t think many people bought the expess tickets. in fact, I dont think many people knew.
from our experience, seldom queue. if wait, very minimum.
everyone in the normal queue was staring at us, admire? envy? probably mixture of both feelings.

Agree. We meet some

Agree. We meet some hongkong visitors there.
They have to buy airticket, book hotel in order to goto Univeral studio.
so $20 parking is definately worth it.

yes, there are not only

yes, there are not only rides for young kids, but also a lot of show for mummy

Looks like  a fun trip

Looks like  a fun trip for the family !  

looking forward to USS this weekend :)

Thanks for sharing, my kids are looking forward to Far Far Away this weenkend, will catch the donkey live show then.

Look Nice. Thanx for review!!

Hi Hi,

Have been pondering on whether to visit USS????

Do u think there is sufficient suitable activities for 3 yo & pregnant mommy?



I went to USS on one of the

I went to USS on one of the wettest Wednesday (Orchard Rd was flooded!).   However we did enjoy ourselves and managed to take all the rides without waiting for a long time.  conclusion – a good day trip.  can go there once a year. Love the Hersey Store outside USS – decorated so nice (remind me of the States)!

We park at vivo and took the monorail cos my DDs want to try.  Expensive but still cheaper than going oversea.


 hi amylqf   thanks for

 hi amylqf
thanks for the review!
did many people bought the express tickets? as in did you still need to queue?

Proud Daddy of P1 Boy at Tao Nan School …

Thank you

Thank you for sharing.

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