Oven Grilled Chicken Mid Wings

this a simple dish with minimum preparation. time to cook is faster than taking a shower. at least it cooked faster than my showering time. 😳

i prefer using chicken mid wings but you could use chicken 3-joint wings or chicken thigh.

i use about 500g of chicken i.e. 14 mid wings

first step : marinating. i use a dash of white pepper, about a teaspoon of sesame oil, a tablespoon of dark soya sauce, and 2 tablespoons of light soya sauce.

i like to marinate my chicken in a plastic bag. i find it easier to ensure all parts of the chicken be coated / marinated evenly. tie up the plastic bag and into the fridge it goes. i’d usually do this a few days prior to cooking. marinate it for minimum 4hours. i’ve marinated for 3 days before and for every day it’s marinating, its delectability goes up a notch. :drool:

when you’re ready to cook. arrange on pie dish, or baking dish, or aluminuim foil or whatever your oven uses. the inner skin side down first. grill this side for 12 mins. turn over to outer skin side and grill for another 8mins and it’s ready to be served.

this is your chicken mid wings after spending 20mins in the grill oven.

edit to add: i use the top grill rack and also, do remember to flip/turn your marinating chicken bag around when you’re visiting the fridge during its stay there. 🙂

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