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P1 Orientation in Radin Mas Primary School

I realise that it is quite difficult to obtain information about Radin Mas Primary School from the website.  Not sure whether this is the case for other schools, though.

Anyway, I had the chance of attending the school’s P1 orientation in two consecutive years (2009 and 2010).  While the details of the events are still fresh in my mind, I thought I would write it down here and share with other parents who are interested in finding out more about the school.

The P1 orientation was usually held on the first Saturday of the start of the November/December holidays.  For instance, Term 4 in 2010 ended on 19 Nov 2010, and the orientation was held on 20 Nov 2010.  However, with the new principal now at the helm, the 2011 orientation will be held on a Friday afternoon (please refer to the school’s website for updates).

Two to three weeks before the orientation, parents will receive a letter from the school informing them of the following:

1. The child’s class,
2. Starting time and agenda for the day,
3. Sample forms that parents will be required to complete on orientation day, and
4. Enrichment program(s) that the school has arranged.

Please note that the forms in item (3) above are just sample forms.  Parents will receive the original form from the school on orientation day itself.

I will use last year’s (2010) orientation to give a general overview of the day’s programs.  Please note that from 2011 onwards, the school has a new management team (with new principal and vice-principal).  Hence, the programs may differ.

In 2010, orientation started in the morning at 9 am.  By 8.30 am, parents and children started streaming into the school.  Everyone proceeded to the hall, which is located on the second storey.  The school set up different tables to represent different classes outside the hall.  Parents went to the table that their children were in, and collect a folder from the teacher manning the table.  The folder contained GIRO Form (for payment of school fees), Pupil Data Form, and another form that was supposed to be a "master form" that contained details about the student and his/her family members.  Parents are kindly reminded to bring along a 2B pencil as the "master form" should only be completed in pencil.

After collecting the folder, parents and children proceeded to the school hall, and waited for the start of the orientation.  While waiting, the school would arrange for entertainment, such as inviting the Chinese Orchestra to perform some titles.  Children would be seated in their respective classes while parents would sit on the chairs on the designated area.

At 9 am, the principal gave an opening speech, setting out her expectation, and introduced the various Heads of Department.  The speech lasted for about 20 minutes.  Thereafter, the children were brought out of the hall by the teachers responsible for looking after them on that day (note that these teachers need not necessarily be their form teachers).  After the children left the hall, personnel from the Parent Support Group and Dental Group gave an overview on their respective areas.  These talks finished by 10 am.  Parents were then given time to complete the various forms given, and to submit to the teachers manning the tables that represented the respective classes.  While the parents were in the hall listening to these talks, the children were brought to a classroom, and around the school, so that the children had a better idea of the school.  In 2010, children were given a worksheet to complete.  No idea on the significance of the worksheet, though, as no worksheet was given out during the 2009 orientation.

After parents had submitted the forms, they would proceed to the canteen to wait for their children.  The children were brought to the canteen by teachers.  The teachers would distribute the booklist to the children, too, so parents should obtain the booklist from their child.  All these activities were completed by 11 am.

Next, the frenzy to purchase uniforms, books, make transport arrangement, sign up for enrichment program, etc….began…..


Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing

Very good information where

Very good information where benefits those parents who intend to register RMPS next time!

tks for detail describe

tks for detail describe

Thank You!

Thanks, hmsg!

I found it difficult to find information on RMPS, and hence, decided to share with everyone here.

The process flow is very

The process flow is very similar when I attended the P1 orientation with my son last year from another sch…. thanks for sharing!

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