P1 Registration 2020 for 2021: Phase 2B

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28 July 2020

MOE has finally released Phase 2B results.

Tao Nan remained the highest oversubscribed school at 265%.  It is amongst 13 schools that require balloting below 1km.   4 schools require balloting between 1-2km of the school, and 5 schools need balloting outside of 2km.  Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary applicants staying within 2km need not ballot, while CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) has only an exact number of places for those staying within 1km of the school.

So far, only Singapore citizens apply for this Phase.

Nan Hua Primary surprisingly did not require balloting this year, although it is very close to doing so (95%).  St Hilda’s Primary was also surprising this year, being way oversubscribed compared to last year.  Gongshang Primary and Radin Mas Primary applicants can breathe a sigh of relief as the applicants just matched the number of vacancies for this Phase!

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23 July 2020

Today marks the first day of Phase 2B, a Phase reserved for those with deep interest in the school or its affiliates.  It is also the final Phase before the “free-for-all” Phase 2C where everyone can vie for their schools of interest.  For those with no special relationship to the school, the best way to get into this Phase is to become a Parent Volunteer, or PV.  But that takes time – you have to register your interest a year ago and spend at least 40 hours doing “volunteering” tasks for the school – so it’s not for the faint-hearted.

From the experience of Phase 2A(2), it seems quite a number of parents hold back until the last day before registering, so do take this analysis with a pinch of salt.  However, it would seem that parents are ONLY waiting before they commit, so the final numbers are only going to be higher than what they are now.  If a school is oversubscribed now, it is a safe bet the competition will intensify tomorrow!

A total of 21 schools are oversubscribed (marked in pink) with Tao Nan the most oversubscribed at 240%!  Nanyang Primary, Gongshang Primary and Chongfu Primary are fully subscribed at 100%, and are likely to get oversubscribed tomorrow.

We will update you as soon as MOE releases the information.

Fri 24/07/2020