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P1 Registration 2020 for 2021: Phase 2C(S)

26 August 2020

The bids for Phase 2C(S) are finally here!  A total of 4134 applications are processed for 7391 places available.

The following schools are at 200% or more times oversubscribed:

  • Casuarina Primary (400%)
  • Evergreen Primary (380%)
  • Clementi Primary (283%)
  • CHIJ (Kellock) (280%)
  • Canossa Convent Primary (250%)
  • North View Primary (227%)
  • Punggol Cove Primary (220%)
  • Dazhong Primary (218%)
  • Fuhua Primary (217%)
  • Anchor Green Primary (213%)
  • Geylang Methodist School (200%)

As you can see, only Geylang Methodist School dropped slightly in application rates, whilst most of the rest increased their application rates.  This is rather disappointing as it indicates parents are willing to go into a balloting situation even though this is the final phase for them to have any say in where their kids will go for Primary school.

Regardless, congratulations for those who have managed to get a place for their kids, and good luck to those going for the ballot.  For those taking part in the balloting, don’t worry, there’re many thousands more good places for your child available in other Primary schools if you don’t “make it”.  Just that you have less say since it will be up to MOE to allocate that school to you.

20 August 2020

The online registration part of Phase 2C(S) has ended.  The online form version of the Phase will end tomorrow.  However, we can already see 22 schools being oversubscribed which is more than last year.

The following are schools at 200% or more of over subscription:

  • Casuarina Primary (310%)
  • CHIJ (Kellock) (260%)
  • Evergreen Primary (240%)
  • Canossa Convent Primary (238%)
  • Geylang Methodist School (233%)
  • Clementi Primary (230%)
  • Anchor Green Primary (203%)

The number of applicants has increased to 3128 out of 7375 places.  It is likely we will see a big influx of applicants tomorrow when the “form” applications closes.  There is certainly more applicants this year than last year.  For example, in Bedok, the 2020-2019 column for all schools is positive!  For those hoping to get easier entry in schools, choose those which are not over subscribed, and which the 2020-2019 value is negative.

19 August 2020

At the end of Phase 2C(S) Day 1, we see some schools oversubscribed, but thankfully the subscription rate seems to be muted over all so far for this Phase.  We had to put in a new entry Opera Estate Primary in Bedok because it was one of the very few schools which had too many PRs competing for places in Phase 2C and that school has had to ballot in Phase 2C.  It was one of the schools which fell under the PR rule this year.

A total of 1364 applicants has submitted their applications so far for one of the remaining 7334 places in this Phase.  As there are 2 more days to go for this Phase, with tomorrow being the final day for online submission, do expect things to heat up very soon.

Good luck for those who are participating in this Phase.  Remember that your goal should be to get your child into a school by the end of this Phase without balloting!  Try to go for schools with under 90% in Take-Up-Rate (TUR).

17 August 2020

Today, Phase 2C’s balloting should be completed.  Congratulations for those who managed to grab a place or win the ballot.  For those who didn’t have the luck yet to do so, Phase 2C(S) is really the last chance for you to grab a school you want before MOE assigns one to your child.  It is therefore not a Phase for you to “try your luck” at another round of balloting!

As always, we will be publishing the schools with vacancies left, along with the actual registrations during this Phase of registration.  There is still a total of 7325 vacancies remaining, most boosted by the generous additions in the cohort this year by MOE.  We have also highlighted in brown those schools that were oversubscribed for Phase 2C(S) last year in 2019, so you can determine for yourself the chance that might happen again this year.

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Once again, we wish to remind our readers that all schools in Singapore are managed well by MOE.  We are already starting to see some diffusion amongst the “Tier-1” schools, with more “neighborhood” schools becoming highly sought after.  Teach your child that whether his/her school becomes  “great” depends solely on the contribution your child makes to that reputation.  The P1 Registration should depend mostly on the proximity of students to the schools.

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