P1 Registration for 2014 – Preview

(Updated 27 Mar 2013)  Come mid July this year, the Primary One registration madness will start once again.  This year’s Exercise would be for children born in 2007, the year of the Pig.

The birthrate for 2007 was 39490, vs 2006 which was 38317. There was an increase of 1173 babies.

This might prompt MOE to increase the number of places offered for Primary One in 2014, but it depends very much on many other factors such as the number of PR children or children of Singaporeans returning home who are eligible for Primary School next year.  MOE has yet to release information about available places, new schools, and the actual dates for the registration.

Given the competition for places in popular schools in recent years, parents would do well to register their children in Phases 1 or 2A, if the situation allows.  Parents who cannot enjoy this privilege will have to go through the nail-biting, later stages of the Exercise.

KiasuParents.com has analysed the last 6 years (2006-2012) of P1 registration exercises, and we will be sharing some insights into the trends that we observed.  This is purely a statistical analysis, not taking into account exigent circumstances and other information not publicly released.  The intent is to provide parents with information that allows them to evaluate their chances of getting into specific schools, and knowing what suitable alternatives they may have if they find it is too risky to bet on getting into popular schools.  Parents should practise caution when using this information.

The Balloting Risk is averaged over a maximum of 7 years.  New schools with shorter histories are also listed, but averaged over the number of years they existed.

Risk values range from 0.00 to 1.00, normalised against the school with the highest risk of balloting in each Phase.  The new index takes into account 3 factors

  • The distance bucket for which balloting is required. Balloting within 1km would be weighted higher than balloting within 1-2km or beyond 2km
  • The recency of balloting.  Balloting that occurred more recently are weighted higher than balloting that occurred earlier.  This is linearly scaled.
  • The intensity of the competition reflected by the level of over-subscription (as seen in the APP value of our charts).  So balloting that occurred with higher levels of over-subscription will be weighted higher.

In short,

  • 0.00 => No balloting of any sort has occurred at that Phase in any year for the school
  • 1.00 => School with the highest risk of balloting (or cut-off) at that Phase

Any value between 0.00 and 1.00 implies that some form of balloting has occurred.  The higher the index, the higher the risk of balloting within 1km of the school.

We have also marked the schools with colors to make things easier to read.

 Uncolored => No risk of balloting at any distance
 High risk of balloting beyond 2km
 High risk of balloting between 1km to 2km
 High risk of balloting within 1km

Obviously, parents should avoid schools with high risks of balloting, and go for those which are near their homes and with much lower risks.  As an example, referring to the table below, if you stay in Ang Mo Kio, and if you are not already in Phase 2B of CHIJ St Nicholas, you should NOT try your luck in Phase 2C for CHIJ St Nicholas if you are outside of 1km.  Even if you are within 1km, the odds could be against you, especially if you are a PR, and not a Singaporean.

Instead, you might wish to consider going for Teck Ghee Primary School in Phase 2C.  It has a very low risk of balloting in Phase 2C, but it gets quite hot in Phase 2CS when all those that tried but failed to get into SNGS start looking for alternatives, leading to some risk of balloting in Phase 2CS.  Mayflower and Ang Mo Kio Primary schools are also good alternatives for Phase 2C if you are looking for a stress-free P1 registration.

DPG AreaSchoolBalloting Risk
Ang Mo KioCHIJ St Nicholas Girls’0.730.510.00
Ang Mo KioAnderson Primary0.000.420.00
Ang Mo KioTeck Ghee Primary0.000.020.15
Ang Mo KioMayflower Primary0.000.000.14
Ang Mo KioAng Mo Kio Primary0.000.000.08
Ang Mo KioTownsville Primary0.000.000.02
Ang Mo KioDa Qiao Primary0.000.000.00
Ang Mo KioJing Shan Primary0.000.000.00
BedokRed Swastika0.200.630.00
BedokTemasek Primary0.110.460.00
BedokYu Neng Primary0.000.450.00
BedokFengshan Primary0.000.180.29
BedokSt Stephen’s0.020.160.00
BedokTelok Kurau Primary0.000.140.11
BedokCHIJ (Katong) Primary0.020.050.19
BedokSt Anthony’s Canossian Primary0.000.030.24
BedokBedok Green Primary0.000.000.40
BedokBedok West Primary0.000.000.00
BedokDamai Primary0.000.000.00
BedokEast Coast Primary0.000.000.00
BedokOpera Estate Primary0.000.000.00
BishanCatholic High1.000.780.00
BishanAi Tong0.860.560.00
BishanKuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary0.000.220.00
BishanGuangyang Primary0.000.000.00
Bukit BatokPrincess Elizabeth Primary0.000.510.00
Bukit BatokSt Anthony’s Primary0.010.370.00
Bukit BatokKeming Primary0.000.280.00
Bukit BatokBukit View Primary0.000.000.39
Bukit BatokLianhua Primary0.000.000.13
Bukit BatokDazhong Primary0.000.000.00
Bukit BatokHong Kah Primary0.000.000.00
Bukit MerahRadin Mas Primary0.140.360.00
Bukit MerahZhangde Primary0.000.220.00
Bukit MerahCHIJ (Kellock)
Bukit MerahGan Eng Seng Primary0.000.020.25
Bukit MerahCantonment Primary0.000.001.00
Bukit MerahBlangah Rise Primary0.000.000.00
Bukit PanjangBukit Panjang Primary0.080.420.00
Bukit PanjangGreenridge Primary0.000.240.08
Bukit PanjangBeacon Primary0.000.220.06
Bukit PanjangCHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace0.000.090.08
Bukit PanjangZhenghua Primary0.000.000.99
Bukit PanjangWest View Primary0.000.000.00
Bukit TimahHenry Park Primary0.090.480.00
Bukit TimahNanyang Primary0.330.380.00
Bukit TimahPei Hwa Presbyterian Primary0.180.320.00
Bukit TimahMethodist Girls’ School (Primary)0.570.300.00
Bukit TimahRaffles Girls’ Primary0.040.240.00
Bukit TimahBukit Timah Primary0.000.000.01
CentralAnglo-Chinese School (Junior)
CentralRiver Valley Primary0.040.190.00
CentralSt Margaret’s Primary0.000.090.00
CentralStamford Primary0.000.000.00
Choa Chu KangSouth View Primary0.160.790.00
Choa Chu KangDe La Salle0.060.350.00
Choa Chu KangYew Tee Primary0.000.280.06
Choa Chu KangUnity Primary0.000.210.15
Choa Chu KangChua Chu Kang Primary0.000.120.47
Choa Chu KangConcord Primary0.000.000.57
Choa Chu KangKranji Primary0.000.000.00
Choa Chu KangTeck Whye Primary0.000.000.00
ClementiNan Hua Primary0.400.740.00
ClementiClementi Primary0.000.100.23
ClementiQifa Primary0.000.040.18
ClementiPei Tong Primary0.000.000.14
GeylangKong Hwa0.510.400.00
GeylangMaha Bodhi0.110.320.00
GeylangGeylang Methodist School0.000.160.10
GeylangHaig Girls’
GeylangCanossa Convent Primary0.000.000.07
GeylangEunos Primary0.000.000.00
GeylangMacPherson Primary0.000.000.00
HougangHougang Primary0.000.350.00
HougangXinmin Primary0.000.350.00
HougangHoly Innocents’ Primary0.150.330.00
HougangPaya Lebar Methodist Girls’
HougangCHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity0.000.140.00
HougangPunggol Primary0.000.000.36
HougangYio Chu Kang Primary0.000.000.07
HougangMontfort Junior0.000.000.00
HougangXinghua Primary0.000.000.00
Jurong EastJurong Primary0.000.240.05
Jurong EastFuhua Primary0.000.000.00
Jurong EastYuhua Primary0.000.000.00
Jurong WestRulang Primary0.431.000.00
Jurong WestWest Grove Primary0.130.600.00
Jurong WestWestwood Primary0.000.500.00
Jurong WestFrontier Primary0.000.490.00
Jurong WestJurong West Primary0.000.390.52
Jurong WestShuqun Primary0.000.310.00
Jurong WestLakeside Primary0.000.070.21
Jurong WestXingnan Primary0.000.030.46
Jurong WestPioneer Primary0.000.000.28
Jurong WestBoon Lay Garden Primary0.000.000.00
Jurong WestCorporation Primary0.000.000.00
Jurong WestJuying Primary0.000.000.00
KallangHong Wen0.100.370.00
KallangBendemeer Primary0.000.010.03
KallangFarrer Park Primary0.000.000.00
Marine ParadeTao Nan0.640.390.00
Marine ParadeTanjong Katong Primary0.000.050.32
Marine ParadeNgee Ann Primary0.000.040.55
NovenaAnglo-Chinese School (Primary)0.470.340.00
NovenaSingapore Chinese Girls’ Primary0.040.310.00
NovenaSt Joseph’s Institution Junior0.220.270.00
NovenaBalestier Hill Primary0.000.000.00
Pasir RisPasir Ris Primary0.000.340.00
Pasir RisWhite Sands Primary0.000.270.00
Pasir RisElias Park Primary0.000.080.00
Pasir RisCasuarina Primary0.000.000.13
Pasir RisCoral Primary0.000.000.00
Pasir RisLoyang Primary0.000.000.00
Pasir RisMeridien Primary0.000.000.00
Pasir RisPark View Primary0.000.000.00
PunggolMee Toh0.000.520.00
PunggolEdgefield Primary0.000.070.27
PunggolGreendale Primary0.000.000.00
PunggolPunggol Green Primary0.000.000.00
PunggolPunggol View Primary0.000.000.00
QueenstownFairfield Methodist Primary0.250.330.00
QueenstownNew Town Primary0.000.000.06
QueenstownQueenstown Primary0.000.000.00
SembawangCanberra Primary0.000.420.00
SembawangEndeavour Primary0.000.360.00
SembawangWellington Primary0.000.000.10
SembawangSembawang Primary0.000.000.00
Seng KangNan Chiau Primary0.380.740.00
Seng KangRivervale Primary0.000.570.00
Seng KangCompassvale Primary0.000.330.00
Seng KangNorth Vista Primary0.000.100.44
Seng KangAnchor Green Primary0.000.080.38
Seng KangFernvale Primary0.000.000.05
Seng KangNorth Spring Primary0.000.000.00
Seng KangPalm View Primary0.000.000.00
Seng KangSeng Kang Primary0.000.000.00
Seng KangSengkang Green Primary0.000.000.00
Seng KangSpringdale Primary0.000.000.00
SerangoonCHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel0.040.120.00
SerangoonYangzheng Primary0.000.070.10
SerangoonSt Gabriel’s Primary0.000.040.19
SerangoonZhonghua Primary0.000.000.00
TampinesSt Hilda’s Primary0.330.720.00
TampinesChongzheng Primary0.000.390.00
TampinesGongshang Primary0.000.380.00
TampinesEast Spring Primary0.000.300.00
TampinesPoi Ching0.000.220.00
TampinesTampines Primary0.000.040.37
TampinesTampines North Primary0.000.000.14
TampinesYumin Primary0.000.000.08
TampinesJunyuan Primary0.000.000.05
TampinesChangkat Primary0.000.000.02
TampinesEast View Primary0.000.000.00
TampinesGriffiths Primary0.000.000.00
TampinesQiaonan Primary0.000.000.00
Toa PayohPei Chun Public0.270.460.00
Toa PayohCHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)
Toa PayohSt Andrew’s Junior0.140.240.00
Toa PayohMaris Stella High0.070.190.00
Toa PayohKheng Cheng0.000.050.17
Toa PayohMarymount Convent0.000.000.23
Toa PayohCedar Primary0.000.000.24
Toa PayohFirst Toa Payoh Primary0.000.000.00
WoodlandsAdmiralty Primary0.000.450.00
WoodlandsEvergreen Primary0.000.390.00
WoodlandsInnova Primary0.000.280.04
WoodlandsFuchun Primary0.000.200.00
WoodlandsGreenwood Primary0.000.190.14
WoodlandsWoodgrove Primary0.000.120.30
WoodlandsWoodlands Ring Primary0.000.120.40
WoodlandsWoodlands Primary0.000.070.36
WoodlandsRiverside Primary0.000.000.47
WoodlandsQihua Primary0.000.000.13
WoodlandsMarsiling Primary0.000.000.00
WoodlandsSi Ling Primary0.000.000.00
YishunNorthland Primary0.090.570.00
YishunChongfu Primary0.200.360.00
YishunJiemin Primary0.000.290.00
YishunYishun Primary0.000.000.06
YishunAhmad Ibrahim Primary0.000.000.00
YishunHuamin Primary0.000.000.00
YishunNaval Base Primary0.000.000.00
YishunNorth View Primary0.000.000.00
YishunPeiying Primary0.000.000.00
YishunXishan Primary0.000.000.00

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