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Painting Without The Mess

Not good at painting? Hate the mess? Don’t know where to start?

Here are two DIY painting projects you can get off the shelf and get right to it.

Our DD2 is hopeless when it comes to art.. well, guess she doesn’t have it in her but she yearns to be as good as her jie-jie. Since we don’t send her for art lessons, we have our own DIY stuff at home she can do ad-hoc.

It doesn’t take a great artist to attempt this, but it gives those who aren’t artistically inclined a shot at it without feeling dampened. Anyone can be great at these.. especially if it’s done together with lots in between chats, laughter and yes together with our love. Here’s sharing a few that we have..

Painting By Numbers DIY

$12 for 2 small boxes from Dawn’s Gifts 

( @ Sembawang Shopping Centre )

This is an ideal introduction to painting for the young or the inexperienced artist. Simply follow the instruction step by step and you can start painting right away.

Begin painting your picture by choosing the larger colour areas first. It is advisable to paint all the areas with the same number before moving on to a different colour and start at the top of the board and work downwards.

Allow each section to dry before moving on to the next. Work slowly and carefully and lay a piece of paper in between your hand and the board to prevent smudging. never overload your brush with paint.

Acrylic paints cover lines and numbers easily so only a small amount of paint needs to be loaded onto the brush. If too much paint is mixed, you may find that you will not have enough paint to complete your picture.

NO WATER required.

To give your picture a unique finish, you can add final touches of your own.


$8.45 from POPULAR Bookstores

Your child can amaze anyone with these cool sea creature posters. *wink* Book comes with 10 bright watercolour paints, a small paintbrush, 8 sea creature posters ready for them to paint.

Just use the matching paint within the coloured outlines, tear out the poster and hang it up to dry and ready to be admired!

Still work in progress with this piece to date but at least it keeps DD2 “quietly” occupied. 😉 Sure helps build her concentration and patience. Kekekee.. LOL!


Acrylic Paints

That’s the apt word to describe it, concern2… "can’t see from far".. You are referring to the Painting By Numbers right? Cos the acrylic paints are fantastic. *wink* Non-drip and quite poster bright for a DIY kit ya noe wat i mean?

I recently saw another kind at Prime Supermarket. Can you believe it? But it’s for more advance painters or perhaps older children. Also 6 bucks but bigger as in like A4 sized. I’ll put up the pics in a bit.

The POPULAR ones come in themes like farm animals, sea creatures and the likes. Quite handy to carry around and good for travelling. 😉

Btw, where is SKP?

Painting by numbers

 Hey Buds, I got this for my DD too! And she utterly loved it!  She didn’t complete the portions, but you can’t tell from far, and it still looks impressive.  She did the flower one.  But hey, can get from SKP at only 5 bucks per set!

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