Parents can take steps to protect kids online

The children in today’s world are spending more and more time on electronic gadgets and parents are worried if they will be polluted with information that is inappropriate for their age group.


Dr. Yuhyun Park, who is a Director (Academic Projects) and researcher in Nanyang Technological University and the co-founder of infollution ZERO (a non-profit organization in South Korea), focuses on raising public awareness of infollution (information pollution), providing digital citizenship education for youth, and shaping public policy on internet safety for children.


She has worked with the City of Seoul and the Korean government in order to set policies and practices to protect children from inappropriate, age-restricted online materials. Moreover, she developed the iZ HERO programme, one of the leading cyber wellness programmes in the world. It is a safe, fun, and engaging digital education platform that teaches young children how to use digital media creatively and responsibly before they become actively engaged with the Internet, mobile devices and social media.


Dr. Yuhyun Park has written numerous articles to promote awareness of cyber-pollution on children.


  • She shares with KiasuParents an article that was recently featured on The Straits Times on how parents can protect their kids online. Click here to read.
  • You can also read more about the initiatives and awards of the iZ HERO programme received, together with other media coverage here.

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