Paving the Road to Success – Music Lessons at Aureus Academy

Too often we have parents asking us the following questions:

  • What is the youngest age to start piano or violin?
  • Do you offer lessons for adults?
  • What kind of method do the teachers use?
  • Do you prepare for ABRSM exams?
  • I don’t want my child to take exams. What are the alternatives and what materials/methods can your school offer?
  • Are there performances opportunities?

And the list goes on…….

When it comes to choosing the right teacher and programme for children, it is natural for parents to be as careful and as meticulous as possible. At Aureus, we repeatedly emphasize on our “tailored” individual lessons. What is so “special” about them? Allow us to give you a detour and rewind back to the very beginning so it all makes sense!

To learn music, one must experience music first. Moreover, one must engage with the experience of music.

Why are parents these days more aware of the importance of introducing music as an extra curriculum into their children’s education? Is it because it makes the child smarter? Calmer? More disciplined and well-behaved?

Yes and No.

Personal development.
Individuality and creativity.
Stimulation thinking.

We believe this is what all parents would agree too that comes first. The Art of Western Music has taken an enormous step during the 1990s in Asia. Yet it is still obvious how the route of learning music in the West differs from in the East.

Making, performing and listening to music is a peculiar feature – Redefining music in terms of musical activity rather than musical works is the key. For a child to study music, music must first “happen”. Music is unique, for it can change the way one feels, thinks and acts. Music plays an important role in the formation of an individual’s identity, enhances positive interaction, develops competency as a learner and increases self-esteem in general. In order to achieve all these, we must first make music “happen”! This is exactly what we offer at Aureus Academy.

Spoon-feeding education is the biggest taboo. This is the reason as to why at Aureus, we do not fix on one syllabus or one method only. We prepare students for exams not for the sake of exams, not merely to complete the required list of scales, “mastering” the three pieces and the few questions you find in the aural section. We prepare students to be at a certain level not chained to a certain examination board, that the only pieces your child is able to play at the end of the year are the few hundred black and white notes in that plain book they will never, ever take a look again.

For us, it is important to have a strong foundation – regardless if you are learning for fun, or looking at exams and furthering music as a career. We make sure each student goes through all the necessary basis, using different methods or a combination of different methods the teacher finds most suitable for the student. This is also another reason why we have a very flexible makeup lesson system – something one rarely finds in other music schools. This is also why we do not follow any school terms to prevent “holiday slide”. On the contrary, we organize holiday programmes to get the students together, to share, observe and exchange what they have been learning every week in their one-to-one lesson – this is where the “group” session plays its role. Our student concert series runs all year long, and teachers are required to prepare their students to perform in public at least once a year. We also nominate outstanding and dedicated students to represent Aureus in public events, video shoots amongst other activities for external exposure.

All these are our effort to make music “happen”, to change the common mindset that, in order to proof your ability on an instrument, it is not about how many pieces of certificates you have; it is not about “fixing” a target to reach; it is not about exams and proving to others; it is about making music “happen” in your life.

Making music is spontaneous – at Aureus, our methods and approaches are spontaneous. Music is about dedication – at Aureus our team is guaranteed 100% dedication as we are the only school in town with full-time music educators and music-savvy administrators. Making music is fun – check out our latest video compilations from the holiday season!

Pay us a visit, sign up for a free trial, and you will feel the difference!

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