Phonics Snap – Memory Game

This set of flashcards is nice to play to promote fun learning of phonics through memory game.

It also comes with a spell guide, like for you to check all the possible words that can be made with all the cards.

I had fun playing this with my girls and my early readers’ students! So, thought wud be good to share with everyone here, since there has been quite a few posts relating to challenges posed in learning phonics.

The same kind of cards also has extensions for blends and digraphs stage. This one is mostly 3-letter phonetic stage and a few blends like st, sh, ch.. etc.

Remember, learning shud inspire not perspire.  Hee! I always try to remind myself that when it gets frustrating sometimes… so that i snap out of frustration mode. Bang Head

More learning aides coming up…




Oki. Will do just tat..

Oki. Will do just tat.. Thanks a lot once again..

Better chance

I think you stand a better chance of getting it at Growing Fun since they carry majority of resources from Orchard Toys and The Green Tree Company. Give one of the outlets a ring to confirm so u won’t make a wasted trip.

Thanks buds.. will go POPULAR

Thanks buds.. will go POPULAR to find it first.. 😉

Resources from Growing Fun

Got it from Popular but I think only certain outlets have them. Growing Fun carries this brand of teaching resources. *wink*

where do u get tis flash

where do u get tis flash cards? look more like uno cards to me.. heehee..

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