Places of Interest in Singapore

We all know Singapore is small, but did you know there are so many interesting places to explore too? Let SengkangBabies show you where the Fun places are, and most are Free too !

Sometimes, it can be costly for our family of 6 to go out.
— Cable car Sentosa would cost us $100+ !
— Universal Studios will cost us $200+ !
— Staycation sounds fun, but most hotels/resorts need us to book two rooms 🙁

What can we do? Fortunately we have a lot of parks and museums in Singapore.

There are so so many parks, swimming pools, fire stations to visit.
And Museums are free on public holidays.

This way, kids get some sunlight and fresh air, Mummy’s wallet is happy, and Daddy can keep snapping away. Everybody is happy and fitter 🙂

Read our adventures

Take a peep, see where we have been roaming.
With SengkangBabies, Fun is guaranteed !

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