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Places to go with Kids


Bond, play, eat and have fun! There is much more to life than studying and kids learn best when they are getting enough outdoor time and excercise.

Visiting a museum or a place of interest can give us a more in depth experience and teach us more about art, history or science than just reading about it.

Unleashing your little one in a park, garden or playground often leads to hours of fun and learning. Some Singapore parks offer the opportunity to see fauna and flora that you don’t usually get to see in the concrete jungle we are so accustomed to.


Thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing these helpful info.


Helpful Information!

Good Info

Interesting Info!


Will make good use of this list of places. 



me too with nieces and

me too with nieces and nephews! 🙂


planning my family outings with this


Agreed, the facilities and interactive learning was enriching for the kids. Good that schools borught them there as field trips. Only thing is that its at jurong:/

Science centre

Science centre is always very exciting for the children. 🙂

New Place

KidsSTOP @ Singapore Science Centre is also a fantastic place for both kids and parents to go to. Its amazing to see parents having fun together with their children. 

Places to go

Polliwogs is recommended!

bollywood veggies

How about bollywood veggies at Kranji ? 

You can eat freshly cooked veggies at the “Poison Ivy” restaurant too.

We went there 2 weeks ago and it was a great learning experience for the kids.

Thanks for sharing your article too !

The information is very

The information is very useful. Thanks


thx for sharing.. good post

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Thanks for sharing!

My other fave place

Maybe for me, talking walks is a stress reliefing exercise, I also like the Changi Boardwalk. if you go there around 6pm, you get to see the beautiful sunset, which makes you forget you are in Singapore.

My other fave place

Another of my fave place is the walk along labrodor park.
Enroute to Vivocity, you get to see the beautiful see, and yatches of the rich. It takes abt 1.5hrs to walk from labrodor park to walk to vivo.

Henderson Waves

this is my fave place. Nice scenery, plus you get a goodcleorkout.

tks for sharing

tks for sharing

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much!

Thank you so much for this

Thank you so much for this informative list!

Good recommendations

Good Recommendations. Thanks!

Trip to JB by public transport?

Hi,  I’m considering going up to JB with hubby and 3 boys via public transport.  Wonder if anyone has any idea how to go about doing this?  It’d be good if an article is put up.



good recommendations

good for kids

Good recomendaion

Visited some of the recommendation places. My girl enjoyed… Good post! 

What I wanted to say a long time ago

I lov going with my kids to the park. I love spending quality time with them. And I love studying for the latest math exam
in the beach, or at the park. Thats the best time. Wrote about it on my blog

Thank you

hi all the contributors,

Really like this thread on the ideas and interested things to do! We will definitely try some of the places and do some interested things which we never thought of. It is also highly recommended to those people who are lazy to think of where to bring their children to every weekend…haha…



Having fun in the Changi Airport Terminal 3

No dount this is the place I like to bring my daughter to go. Spent my afternoon with a cup of coffee and relax in such a spacious environment is wonderful. you can try! 


All very useful! Made a trip down to Haw Par Villa recently and pleasantly surprised to find its charm all intact.

Fire Station Visit


We went to the fire station open house and my gal had lots of fun with the firemen! Also, adults did learn alot more things about safety and how to teach our kids after hearing from the Firemen! Not only did they get to see the equipments, get onto the fire engines, play with the uniforms but they also learn about Paramedics and the other team at the Civil defence station who takes care of more dangerous rescues..Its a great eduational fun! 

Most fire stations are open to public every saturday from 9am to 11am. Reservations are required only for 10 pax or more..


Note : The old central fire station will be best choice coz they have the most calls so kids get to see them in real action..and there’s the musuem there too.



Places to go with kids

 Thank you! 

Have always been having headache as to where can I bring my kids go during weekends or their school holidays.

This list is indeed very helpful and handy with some places that we do not even have to pay/pay much, makes it even a happier and enjoyable occassion for the whole family especially those from the lower-middle income.

Kudos! 😀



How the primary school define old school boy/girl??

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Excellent Suggestions

The places listed were excellent! I have copied a few places down and will be bringing my child there during this school hols. Thanks!

Nice Summary Of Places For Kids

Thanks for sharing !

This is really a nice summary of places I can bring my kids for fun.

Don’t have to crack my brain too much. 

Solid learning in Fun Learning Yard

I am an ex-science teacher who likes to go to different places to get new ideas to teach my tuition kids. I happened to visit Fun Learning Yard (FLY) in the June holidays and saw a course which they organised. It gave me a totally new idea of science education.

The course uses BBQ as a platform to introduce various thermal physics concepts which includes : difference between heat and temperature, expansion and contraction of matter, conductivity of different materials, melting vs freezing, boiling vs condensing, 3 methods of heat transfer, etc.

Due to the hands-on nature of the course, i could see that young kids easily understood all these so call "very abstract concepts". FLY provided opportunity for kids to use their 5 senses to remember things while having fun.

A group of young kids (7 – 12 years old) were required to start their own fire after a detailed demonstration and explanation. When the fire was ready, they got to see different science experiments and given opportunities to conduct the experiment themselves. Throughout the course, the kids were supervised by a few FLY instructors who constantly prompt the kids when they were not on the right track. The kids were given the maximum opportunities to do things themselves. During the course, kids got to grill their own food and made their own dessert. I could see that they (including their parents)  were really enjoying themselves.

In my opinion, the students were on task and highly motivated not just because the activities were fun but the things they were doing were relevantly useful. They got to apply their knowledge and furthermore kept exploring new knowledge out of it.

I think you should be able to find out more from their website :


Many thanks!

Hi Chief & all contributors!

Many thanks for this "Place to go with Kids".  Was feeling a bit desperate already dunno where to bring our kid.  Feel so bored and thought SG really boring.  But hey no!  So many interesting places especially those fabulous outdoor playgrounds!  Now I am so excited, couldn’t wait to go!

Really happy, hee…hee…hee!

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