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Plans for the Golden Jubilee Weekend & What SG50 Means to Us

Everybody is looking forward to this coming SG50 Golden Jubilee weekend as Singapore celebrates her 50th birthday on National Day. Besides it being a significant weekend, it also offers families an extra-long break to spend time bonding together.

KiasuParents spoke to families with children of different ages on how they will be spending the long weekend and the significance of SG50 to them.

Celebrating SG50 with other families at NTUC’s Baby’s Day Out event

Zhen Xin who is a social enterprise entrepreneur with two children aged 2 and 5 years old say that she and her boys are very excited to celebrate Singapore’s 50th Birthday by doing things that matter most to them. The highlight would be going to NTUC’s Baby’s Day Out event to celebrate with other families. On National Day, they will most probably enjoy each other’s company and watch the National Day Parade broadcast. Coming across the SG50 logo all around town, she also took the chance to explain to her 5 year old boy how far Singapore has come and the hard work that has been put in to transform Singapore to what she is today. Hopefully, it would instill some pride and love for the country and that both her children will grow up to defend their country and contribute to make it a better place.

Starting off with family on the SG HeartMap Tour

Joe, who is the CEO of an EduTech company with two children aged 4 and 7 years old, shares with us that for the upcoming long weekend, the family will start off with the SG HeartMap Tour which is expected to be bursting with mass activities, guided tours and food tasting that day. On the second day, his family will take the opportunity to bring the children to visit the National Gallery and Singapore Art Museum. On National Day itself, the family will be cooking good food at home for the extended family and catching the National Day Parade on television. On 10 August, Joe plans to work out with his children by scooting around East Coast Park.

He feels that SG50 is a special year for his family to recall some of the key events happening in Singapore before his time (50 years ago) and today (50 years later). His children are still very young and they will not understand as much as he does but he believes that they will learn to love and enjoy this country as they grow older.

Sharing the pride of Singapore’s achievements 

Aloysie, who is a home maker with three children aged 3 to 8 years old, shares with us that this year is a very significant one for her and her family as they celebrate the Golden Jubilee together with all fellow citizens. Fifty years may be a very short time for other much older countries but it is our nation’s very first 50 years. In this first 50 years of a young nation, her parents formed a family, she was born, went through her youth, adulthood and now has her own family with three young children. Just as she had grown up feeling proud of her country and its achievements, whether big or little, she hope her children will be raised to love their country, be proud of it and stay on to contribute to Singapore as well as help it remain a stable, peaceful and progressive nation for the next 50 years and beyond.

On 9 August, her family plans to bring the children to the Esplanade area to have a picnic where they can catch the aerial display and also fireworks during the National Day Parade at the Padang. She believes that by displaying her pride and love for the country openly especially during the National Day period, it can similarly instil the same sentiments in her young children.

Staycation with family to celebrate nation’s birthday

Ms Chen, who is a director and educator of a few enrichment centres with three children aged 3 to 8 years old, shares with us that as a career mum who works seven days a week, every public holiday is a god-send; and with the extra day off on 7 August, it is indeed a precious gift to her and her family. Due to the rarity of her holidays, her family will usually plan overseas trip during long weekends. However, as this long weekend is the nation’s birthday, they are staying put in Singapore. Her family has planned for a staycation in the thick of the celebrations at the Marina Bay area.

Cliché as it may sound, she will be bringing her children to visit the various landmarks in Singapore that symbolise Singaporeans and explain to her children how far Singapore has come along. National Museum, Gardens by the Bay, Botanical Gardens, Collyer Quay and Raffles Place are the places that will be in her list. She will bring her children to visit their daddy at work too, where he serves another of Singapore’s icons – the MRT! The red shirts have already been prepared for this fiesta. The patriotic mum is really inspired by the SG50’s celebrations. On National Day, she will be bringing her eldest daughter to watch the National Day Parade live while daddy and the younger boys will just wave their flags in front of the television at home, complete with pizza.

Honouring our Pioneers 

Angelina, who is a stay-at-home-mom with four children aged 1 to 6 years old shares that with her four children, having four days of no school will be a nightmare if nothing is planned. So to ensure that the family all enjoy their SG50 holiday, they had made plans way ahead.

Day 1 – Since it is SG50 and the theme is honouring our pioneers, the family will spend the day with the grandparents. They will have their brunch together and head towards Garden by the Bay for a walk, ending the day with dinner at Satay by the The Bay.

Day 2 – Time to spend time as a little family. And where else but Universal Studio Singapore. After a day of fun, they will end off with dinner at Pasir Panjang Food Centre for some yummy local food.

Day 3 – National Day. They will spend the morning by the poolside. In the afternoon, they will watch a family movie at home while Mummy prepares dinner. Then they will watch the National Day Parade live from home.

Day 4 – After three days of fun, they will spend this day more leisurely. Morning will be at the playground, followed by lazing at home with the family for the rest of the day.

The older children are in Preschool so they probably can better understand the significance of Singapore celebrating her 50th birthday and the history over the past years as the childcare centre went through with them on the history of Singapore and the significance of SG50. They even had a school performance to celebrate SG50.

Looking forward to SG100

Xueqin, who is a home-maker with three children aged 8 to 11 years old, shares with us that the SG50 long holiday is a good time to bond with her extended family members. They will be spending the weekend at gatherings with lots of good food and laughter. To her and her family, SG50 signifies the improvement in our country from third-world to first-world nation. She and her children are so proud of Singapore’s developments; in fact, her three kids actually told her that they are looking forward to SG100 which they said they will be 58 and 61 years old by then.

Spending quality time at SG50 carnival

Rachel, who is an entrepreneur with two children aged 3 and 5 years old share, with us that the family does not have any concrete plans on how they will be spending the long weekend but they will definitely be spending quality time with the children. Although worried that it may be too crowded, she still plans to bring them to the SG50 carnival at Marina Barrage. To her and her family, this SG50 National Day signifies gathering with extended family to watch the National Day Parade together on the television as they did not manage to get tickets to the parade itself. And to her young kids, they just enjoy the fact that it is a long school holiday and that they will be in for an amazing fireworks treat.


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