Poi Ching Primary School Review

Since quite number of anxious parents were asking about feedback of Poi Ching Primary school, I am thinking to post a Q&A here, so that hopefully it will help you in making decision of chosing right school for your child.

1. For whom?
SAP school only teaches Chinese and English language, therefore there is lesser chance for you to see other race or foreign students study there.
Some of the chinese children with weak chinese foundation and background will not opt for Poi Ching as their parents are worry about the higher chinese subject.

2. Chance of getting in?
At the east side (tampines/bedok/pasir ris), Poi Ching is one of the SAP school. Except for Poi Ching there is another SAP school, Red Swatika (bedok), which hardly has PV vacancy (at least during my year of registration). St. Hilda is even more competitive (balloting might take place even if you are PV, but live more than 2km). so that makes me chose Poi Ching. Because once you are selected as PV, according to past year record, it is almost like guarantee to get in (although no one will guarantee to your verbally, of course).

3. Principle and teachers?
So far, I am happy with the school. The Principle had done numerous changes around the school while I was doing my pv there:
-School PE uniform has been changed to quickdry material.
-Adopted “Yun Yu Shi Zi” from China.
-Installed window around the staircase, so that the floor won’t be wet during rainy day.
-Library shelf are changed from metal to customized wooden shelf.
-Engaged volunteer to conduct parent workshop and activity.
-build new in-door sports hall.
Teachers show their concern for the students and open to parents’ feedback.

3. Homework?
For english and math homework, occasionally has few pages of homework. like at least two times a week.
For chinese, daily homework. School works hand-in-hand with parents. not only children have home work, parents also have home work which are to help the child do recite, revision and ting xie. Parents must sign the worksheet everyday to make sure the child’s work is done.
Regarding the workload, it really depends on your child. If the child is fast, few pages of work shouldn’t be a problem. If the child likes to take her/his sweet time to do things, it might take longer time to finish.

4. School bus.
Transport company that works with Poi Ching have quite no. of van to fetch the children from different areas. The vans are relatively in new condition. I am not sure about other location. for example,
My place to school is about 2km. My child leave home around 11:40am and come back about 6:35pm. Normally the school bus takes 40 mins on the road whereas I only takes 10 mins to drive to school. You see the difference? I would recommend if there are car pool around your area, so that it will be win-win situation for both parents and child.

The school bus cost $75/month for my case. As you may knew, school bus fee for June and December holiday must given in advance with Jan and July’s fee.

5. How does the school care for kids who are slower learner?
So far, my child’s teacher never request me to sign up any tuition classes. She just highlight to me my child’s weakest area during the parent meet session. There are extra enrichment/tuition class recommend from the school, but that was optional.

For other details, please refer to school website:

Above are just my personal opinion. All other poi ching’s parents are welcome to give feedback on other areas, such as CCA, student care, etc..


 Hi jus to check with u.. How to get in the pv? Izzit tough? Wat are pv supposed to do? Tks

Dont worry, within 1km

Dont worry, within 1km should be safe, 1 to 2km needs balloting, more than 2km no chance at all….

missed PV


I have missed the chance to apply for PV 2010, my gal is supposed to reg 2010 tho, and i m just stayin within 1km away from the sch, wat is my chances of getting her into Poi Ching?



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