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Pop-up books

Interactive Pop-up books can be a great way to introduce chidlren to thick classics such as  Wizard of Oz and Moby Dick. Here are some nice pop up books on the classics. Thanks Buds and Tamarind for the awesome recommendations:

The  beautiful illustration in the book bring out the magic and enchantment of the story. From one of the reveiwers "Each page contains a large pop-up and a small booklet which tells part of the story. And each mini-book contains small pop-ups too. There’s a cyclone that really twists, a wizard’s balloon that sails into the sky, holographic foil creates a true, sparkling Emerald City made even greener with the included green glasses for the reader"


 Alice in the wonderland is another classic. According to a reviewer on Amazon, "This book is a masterpiece and a work of art, as far as I’m concerned. It is also the kind of book I always dreamed of having as a child. Every page has been lovingly and painstakingly hand-crafted to bring all your favorite scenes to life. You’ll feel like you’re right there in Wonderland!"


 J.M. Barrie’s classic 1902 tale have captivate the imagination of many children. "Each of the six page spreads has an amazing pop-up in the center as well as a collection of smaller pages–each with more pop-ups–that tell the story of Peter Pan. Altogether there are 28 pop-ups. It’s an awfully big adventure. "  Amazon reviewer.



 This pop up book bring this classic to life. "Moby Dick, the pop-up is a well-crafted book with excellent, detailed 3D engineering – the Pequod rises majestically from the pages in all its rigged glory and many other pop-ups on every page. Melville’s story of Ahab and the whale is brought to life for the first time in a 3D graphic novel format and Ita is to be commended for his creativity in presenting a classic in a spellbinding, novel format that is sure to captivate readers young and old alike. " Amazon reviewer



other places to buy these

other places to buy these books on the cheap.

1. MPH booksale. I have seen Chronicles of Narnia by Sabuda at the last 2 MPH booksales. I managed to unearth Sabuda’s Disney ABC during the last sale. All for pricely sum of $8 per book.

2. Petrol station. I got Sabuda’s The Jungle Book at an Esso station…and I wasn’t even there for petrol (just free aircon). Some of these stations sell books, and there was that one copy sitting there. Cost: $19.

Pop up books

My collection of pop-up books are kept by me… not accessible easily on the

usual bookshelves. Hell no! To preserve such books i just had to keep it in

a safe place. Bring it out to read together when the need/time arises.

Investment of children’s books for personal collection (if well kept)

can save one $$$ in case another baby arrives or they can be sold

as a pre-loved items.


pop up books are excellent

pop up books are excellent to attract the kids’ interest. But the bad part about it is that they get torn so easily. I can’t seems to find any pop up books at home that is still in good condition. So now I have resorted to buying "normal" books with lots of bright colored pictures instead.  …But still thanks for the recommendation.

thanks for the

thanks for the recommendation

Very helpful..

This is a very helpful link, mincy.

Thank you! If i lazy to go out to

town to shop, can just shop

online here. I didn’t know of

this site prior to your






Thanks, tamarind.

Thanks tamarind, i’ll check out the book at

Kinokuniya. As i’ve mentioned before, i am

the village shopper… hehee.. only shop in

my own village… hardly go out to town so

your one-stop recommendation truly is




These are available at

These are available at Kinokuniya bookstore are Ngee Ann City.

I think the Wizard of Oz book costs $48 at Kinokuniya. Best to wait for 20% discount.

Direct shipping costs USD 4.99 per book, plus a base charge per delivery of USD 4.99. It can still work out to be cheaper if you can share the base charge with other people in a spree.

hi sunset_dae, Depends on

hi sunset_dae,

Depends on what books you are buying. If it’s bookset, Amazon takes it as one book handling + shipping – so it might work out very cheap.

Also, consider other websites, I find that has very cheap box sets – eg Roald dahl’s 15 books is about SG$70+ after shipping via vpost (not the cheapest way actually). This set in popular is about S$150.

I think it depends on the

I think it depends on the book and the exchange rate at that time bah. I usually compute the final price(exchange rate + shipping via vpost) by excel sheet before buying if I buy (books/toys or other stuff) from US. Usually, I will buy from Singapore if the savings is 10% or less. For buying in Singapore the books above can be found in


books at amazon

I find the books at amazon v expensive, we got to pay for shipping charges in USD and somemore it takes a long time to reach us! It would be good if we can find such pop up books in Singapore

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