Pork Nuggets

my kids love nuggets of any type. don’t all kids do?! πŸ™„ however, i’m skeptical about the type of meats that store bought nuggets contained. hey, there were enough stories out there to raise goosebumps. again, when that happens, icy_mama always rolls up her sleeves and cooked up something.

this simple deep fried dish cum marinate is suitable for chicken, fish, i’ve also used same for crocodile meats and frog’s legs. πŸ™‚

so, back to pork nuggets. i use δΊ”θŠ±θ‚‰. cut them into bite-sized nuggets. put them into a plastic bag. marinate with light soya sauce, shaoxing wine, sesame oil, a dash of pepper and some baking powder. coated with equal portion of cornflour and plain flour. deep fry.

this is how it looked like precooked.

after deep frying… done!

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