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Good Read !

Informative and helpful.

Career guide

Hi everyone. I found this book very useful as it helped my child to plan his path towards uni. It gives information about all jobs in singapore including the ones that will be in demand for next 5-10 years (expanding industries). Also, this year/s edition has the pay guide for eacdh position at workplace and also the pay guide for fresh graduates from each uni (you can see which uni has better chance of getting a good paying job). Also, for each job there is requirements in terms of educational qualifications as well as personal characteristics (outspoken,detailed etc.).There are also personal recounts from people in that industry to tell you about the challenges and good-things you will face in the industry. I hope this book helps you and your child too. You can buy this book for $5 in popular but it is $4 if your child’s sch orders from SPH (you can ask his/her sec sch/JC about it) or if the people from sph come down to their sch and sell.

Chun chun, Did you manage to

Chun chun,

Did you manage to find one or are you still searching?

Jas, There are e online top


There are e online top school papers that I know off..

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing

Greeting everyone, I would

Greeting everyone, I would like to seek advice on recommendations to get year 2013, 2014, 2015 top schools sec 3 past years exam papers.

Your kind responnse is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Useful Mathematics Assessment book for primary level


I have been using Fabian Ng’s Problem-Solving Processes in Mathematics to teach my 3 kids and I find the book is really good. It has various types of problem sums to work on with examples first. My gal was initally weak in her problem sums but after solving the problems in this book, her process skill has improved. Recommend this book for all levels. 

looking for POAA and Humanities Subjects

Greeting everyone, I would like to seek advice on recommendations who tutor Principle of Accounts and Humanities subjects for my daughter in Sec Four next year.
Your kind responnse is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Chun Chun

Empowering Your Child To Handle Money Intelligently

There is a need for young people to be able to control of their money and to plan for the future by the time they leave college/university has never been stronger.  Children and young people encounter money earlier and earlier in life, and as a result have to learn to make earning, saving and spending decisions earlier. Crucial decisions have to be taken about consumer credit, cars loans, getting a job or living independently.  We owe it to the next generation to invest in their future.

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eReader - Helping kids to start reading books of their interest

I’ve recently bought the Amazon Kindle eReader as we don’t have time to bring the kids to library / bookshop to borrow/purchase books.. and it seems to all work out. The kids are now sharing the kindle to download new books to read on their own leisure. 

And the kindle are also able to read out the books to the kids for my younger ones too.. 

You may find more about kindle and eReader comparison on my blog if you’re interested:

The blog also compare the Amazon Kindle vs iPad vs Nook 

I personally prefer the Kindle with just mainly reading purposes to prevent the kids from spending time on playing game on the ipad instead.. 🙂

The blog also show the steps in buying a Amazon Kindle as Amazon does not directly deliver the kindle overseas. 

History Hunters on WED at 730pm (okto)

Catch this Wed’s episode at 7.30pm, only on okto!

"History Hunters" is now showing on okto, every Wednesday 730pm

HISTORY HUNTERS is an exciting 10-part series that promises to be lots of fun while we explore the history of Singapore.

Find out if boys or girls are more able as we pit them against each other in brains, brawns and sheer silliness. In each episode, we follow two teams of students from two primary schools as they travel all over Singapore to uncover clues about Singapore’s history, identity, culture and heritage with the help of the History Prefects. 

Stay tuned as we find out if the boys or girls will emerge as the ultimate History Hunters.

We hope you and your kids will enjoy the program! 🙂

Please use the following link to catch up on History Hunters’ latest update:!/home.php

English Class

Hi Fiona,

My DD1 going onto Sec 2  next year started a 1-1 tuition with this tutor. She takes to her very well and gives good feedback. You may want to try.

She lives in the east. Let me know and I e-mail you her contact.

English Class



Anyone can help to recommend a good English class for Secondary 1

salt lamp

hi,there,anyone using salt lamp?is it really gd at ionizing the air?hws the effect?i am interested in trying one,though its messy(melting salt after overnite use)thats what i heard..advice please..thxs!

saviour to children who always fall sick in childcare centre

Hi All KP, Im new to this thread and would like to share with all KP who is facing the same prob as me:

I have sent my son to childcare centre when he turn 18 mths. He has been falling sick so often because of the exposure of viruses.He has either been getting bad flu (which never seems to recover), cough or fever and we have been spending a lot of $$ bringing him to c a doctor. His legs also often  feel cold because of the long term mediation and he always drownsy.
When i spoke to a colleague abt this, she recommend me Amway Nutrilite Vit C and a protein powder. After taking it consistenly for 2 weeks, my son recovered and suprsingly he has never fall sick since now!

Do PM me if you are interested!



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