PSLE Cut Of Points from ‘P6 2010 / S1 2011’ to ‘P6 2013 / S1 2014’ for ‘P6 2014 / S1 2015’

The one month of relaxation is over after the release of PSLE results yesterday. Congratulations for students who have successfully crossed this important milestone.

While those who were successful in the DSA can continue to relax, the large majority who didn’t DSA will now face the headache of choosing the “right” secondary school.

I have compiled some information regarding the Cut-Off Points (COP) of schools, which I would like to share with our KiasuParents community.


Info collected over the years from DS P6/S1 till DD P6 going S1.

It’s downloaded from MOE website (not in excel format) and converted by myself into excel with my best knowledge and checking as well, but I am not responsible for any errors introduced during conversion and please use it as a reference only. The past years info is no longer available on the MOE website and 2014 S1 COP is still available on the MOE website and useful for parents.

A copy of the 2014 S1 COP is provided by school for parents to “study” carefully before making option.

S1 COP 2011 ~ 2014

S1 COP 2011 ~ 2014 Part 1 Admiralty to CHIJ Katong Convent

S1 COP 2011 ~ 2014 Part 2 CHIJ ST. Joseph’s Convent to Greenview

S1 COP 2011 ~ 2014 Part 3 Guangyang to North View

S1 COP 2011 ~ 2014 Part 4 North Vista to Springfield

S1 COP 2011 ~ 2014 Part 5 ST Andrew’s to Zhonghua

S1 COP 2014

S1 COP 2014 Part 1 Admiralty to Bedok North

S1 COP 2014 Part 2 Bedok South to BT Panjang Govt High

S1 COP 2014 Part 3 Bukit View to Chua Chu Kang

S1 COP 2014 Part 4 Chung Cheng High (YS) to East Spring

S1 COP 2014 Part 5 East View to Greendale

S1 COP 2014 Part 6 Greenridge to Junyuan

S1 COP 2014 Part 7 Jurong to Masiling

S1 COP 2014 Part 8 Mayflower to Outram

S1 COP 2014 Part 9 Pasir Ris Crest to Queenstown

S1 COP 2014 Part 10 Queensway to Springfield

S1 COP 2014 Part 11 ST Andrew’s to Temasek

S1 COP 2014 Part 12 Unity to Yishun Town

S1 COP 2014 Part 13 Yuan Ching to Chung Cheng High (Main)

S1 COP 2014 Part 14 Maris Stella High to Nanyang Girls’

S1 COP 2014 Part 15 NJC to VS

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Could anyone share COP for ACSI Express stream?

Hi, I definitely agree with


I definitely agree with you. However, you have to factor in the importance of environment in relation to a child’s performance.

Some schools have better facilities which will aid in the learning of the students.

Well, if you are concerned

Well, if you are concerned about that then why consider such a school in the first place.

Is it worth the effort to "appeal" for PSLE results?

This happened to my daughter too 🙁 She has A* for all maths exams in the primary school year, high A for Sc and Eng in prelims too. I was thinking of 240 and above. However, she got 4As and aggregate 224!!!Talked to principal and form teacher, all discouraged about viewing the papers as they feel errors in marking is very slim. A friend of mine told me that it could be chinese, getting lower marks in chinese can pull the aggregate down.

Thank you for helpful queries and answers. What about IB Intl ?

Thanks to all who have provided useful information for a newbie like me. It feels great to know that there is such a forum for sharing and encouragement.

One question: Is it a wise option to opt for International School IB programme at Sec 1 or later at Sec 3 or after O Levels. What are the pros and cons? Would appreciate any experienced parent’s comments.


This is difficult to answer

This is a difficult question, that’s why it’s not being answered for a lomg time.

First, before they start work to check, you lose $51.xx per subject.

From what I understand from some teachers who has done PSLE marking, the chances of an error is slim, not say don’t have.

They say papers are checked through by 3 teachers, from this you know chances of error is slim.

For appeal, you can check with MOE what they really do, not sure if they check the answers again but they will definitely do the marks additions again.

Got LIKE Button or not

I used exactly the same phrase “…different ball game althogether” here in this blog in an earlier comment, I LIKE but too bad no LIKE Button… 🙂

PSLE result is not correlated with Sec performance

PSLE result is just an entry criteria for secondary school. Once the child goes in, it is a different ball game altogether. They are faced with double the no. of subjects and CCA’s commitment. Hence it really depends on the child’s discipline to do well. It may turn out that those with high T-score cannot perform as well. Hence whatever school your child goes, what’s important is the building of self-confidence and self-esteem. With these, they can excel too. We can see from many of the examples around us. Cheers !

totally agreeing with u on

totally agreeing with u on this

Secondary School in the East Zone

I suggest you check the COP of these schools and you will be able to gauge the academic standards… 

Is it worth the effort to "appeal" for PSLE results?

Hi, has any parent out there ever submitted an appeal before, for PSLE results? Is it worth the effort? I am contemplating to appeal for 3 subjects – English science and math. My son had consistently done fairly well in school – and during prelims, he scored A* in Science and high A in English and Math. I had a shock when I received his PSLE results on Friday! These are the scores…A in English and Science and B in Math! Would it help if I appeal?

Secondary School

Well, Secondary School studies is totally a different ball game altogether.

High COP doesn’t equal good results in Sec and low COP doesn’t equal bad results in Sec and same COP doesn’t equal same result in Sec.

Honestly, I do not see the co-relation, well at least at my DS’s School which happens to be a school with affiliation.

I would say students with a COP plus minus 10 pts will have a great variety of performance which are affected by many many reasons other than the T Score alone.

Those Affiliated students who went in below Non Affiliated COP who are willing to be ‘pushed’ by the school’s curriculum will be able to do well (so call the school value add to the student), those who went in Non Affiliated who lax will not do well.

I am not saying whether

I am not saying whether affiliation is fair or not. I am more concern with the school standard will it be good cos alot affiliation students score are not high but they got to enter the school based on affiliation.

Affiliation and Non Affiliation COP

As far as I know, Affiliation usually has a lower COP than Non Affiliation COP. Those coming from Affiliated Primary Schools who qualifies and put Affiliated Secondary School as Option 1, they are almost certain that they will get into the school. The remaining will be for the Non Affiliated students.

Many might say this is not fair, but everything being fair at P1 registration, one could also do so by applying to a primary school with an affiliated secondary school and not wait till getting Sec 1 than realised this advantage other students have for being in the affiliated school.

Express COP

MOE will straightly follow 188 and above is Express. There is no harm that you call up the school which your child wants to go and talk to the school in charge, but chances are it’s slim.

appeal from normal to express stream

understand that express cut off point is 188. My son got 185. is there any chance to request for express course?

Schools with affiliation,

Schools with affiliation, highest T score how to judge?

T Score and Choice

Didn’t quite catch what you mean.

Are you asking for the T Score of the schools or which of the 3 schools is of better choice for your girl?

For T Score, the list of schools above are in alphabetical order.

For which school to choose, well you should choose one which fits your girl’s T Score and if all fits, I would choose the one with highest T Score and so on.

For school culture, you only can visit the school if there is open house to find out if your girl likes the school or observe their students’ behaviour near or outside school (now difficult as it’s school holidays).

School motto and aspirations

You can also read the 2014 COP above for each schools motto and aspirations too.

Secondary School in the East Zone

Hi Parents,

Appreciate your sharing the following schools is better.

– St Hilda’s
– Hai Sing
– St Anthony’s

Headache mummy

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