PSLE Results Day 2015

Uh-huh.. today’s THE day. In fact, in merely a few hours, all our P6 children will be receiving their PSLE results from their respective teachers.

Here’s sharing our previous result’s day experience :-

(1) Before PSLE results are given out to students in their respective classes, all parents (together with the students) are to congregate in the school hall for a short briefing / principal’s address / announcement or whatever it is they call it.

Our children’s journey over the last 6 years in the school will be showcased. Words of wisdom, encouragement and farewell will be in abundance during this part.

(2) The principal will review the past year’s performance with the students. As there no longer is the practice of publishing or reporting of actual scores, the achievements will normally be expressed in percentage form.

For example : 

Between 270 – 260 : 10 %
Between 260 – 250 : 15 %

… and so on.

The principal will either whizz through that information verbally or the principal will flash powerpoint slides on the school’s projector in the hall. 

This information has now become important for parents to view each school’s progress over the years. If you remember this information or perhaps have screenshots of this information from your children’s school, do share in this thread below. 

(3) Following that, the principal will review the school’s current year’s performance, according to the aggregate range and again, using percentage-range as well.

These too, will normally be flashed on screen. This will be the current information on how the school has performed this year. This information (to me) is useful to gauge the performance of primary schools now, aside from the aggregate range of the school’s top scorers.

(4) The principal will then announce the school’s top scorers for the according to aggregate range.

For example :

3 students : 270 – 280
5 students : 260 – 270
10 students : 250 – 260

… and so on.

These students will be invited on stage and awarded with tokens in the form of vouchers (or gifts depending on the school). 

Top students normally can get their pictures taken with their parents and the principal in stage. Dress appropriately, you know… in case, your child is one of the school’s top performers. 🙂

(5) After the announcement of top scorers and the hype from all that earlier excitement, the parents will be asked to remain seated in the hall while the children queue up and proceed to their respective classes to receive the results.

(6) The students return to the hall or assembly area with their slips.

It will be the last day to thank the school teachers, speak with them and take pictures as well. Once result slips have been given, everyone is free to leave the school.

My takeaway from the experience was to manage facial expressions before any words even come out. Our facial expression is the first thing the child catches on; upon knowing the results.

Positive results or not, everyone, let’s embrace our child for having completed the first race in our nation’s academic pursuits. Education is not a sprint or a short race but a marathon. There will be more runs after this. The fact that our 12 year olds have completed this hurdle is already a journey on its own – a 6-year journey to be exact. 

Academic results aside, let’s be there for our children simply for the fact that they are ours and that we love them no matter what.

All the best to all P6 students everywhere on Results Day!

1 more hour to go! Cheers!

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