PSLE results day on 24 November


MOE has just revealed that this years’ PSLE results will be released on 24 November, 2021.

It will be interesting to see what happens now, given that this is the first year students will be measured by “AL scores” instead of “t-scores”.  The AL scores have 29 possible score ranges vs over 200 odd possible scores for t-scores, so it’s supposed to be make secondary schools more “inclusive” and accepting of more children.  But MOE predicted that about 10% of the applicants will probably face balloting to get into their desired schools as opposed to the older t-score system, so we have to see how this goes.

Important point to note is the S1 Option Form which students will get along with their results when they collect them in person.  This is the form that students will use to submit their 6 secondary school choices.  They may do so by logging onto the S1-IS system from 24 November to 30 November.  Results of the actual posting will be released between 22-24 December via SMS, the posting site, and at the students’ primary schools.

Students do not need to report to their Secondary Schools, but should go to the schools’ websites to find out about what and where to buy their books, uniforms, etc. would like to track some reported scores of various schools here.  If you are very sure of the scores and would like to share, please post it in this thread:

Thank you so much!