PSLE The Rite of Passage

This is it.

DD2 will turn 12 tomorrow. 

Her last 12 years flashed upon me earlier this morning, as I was tying up her hair neatly for school. Yes, today marks the 1st day of PSLE.

The journey it has taken to this final week has been arduous, challenging body, mind, spirit and testing of familial relationships. Through it all, we are thankful that this journey together has only brought us even closer. 

We are closing in on the end of primary school education for DD2 and truth be told, we are looking forward to it.

Made her favourite dinner yesterday – chilli fish pasta, to put her in a spirited mood. Yup, comfort food is the way to her little heart.

We hugged a little longer this morning than most days. Both of us trying to shoo away the other’s giant fluttering butterflies. Yes, no matter how seasoned a parent we are, come the day, the butterflies will still pay us a visit. Lol.

We’ve done everything that needed to be done. Everything that needed to be said has already been said. More than enough times, in fact. So, this is it. All that’s left to do is to support them through the next few days with sufficient rest and TLC. 

We said a quick prayer together, wished her all the best for her paper today and hugged her tightly for the last time, before she left for school.

Due to the haze situation in Singapore, schools may place the PSLE students into air conditioned rooms/halls. I let her use my sweater and reminded her that I am with her all the time in heart & spirit, when she’s working on her paper today.

Good luck my little angel.
Mommy will love you forever.

No matter what.

PS. To all fellow P6 students sitting for PSLE, just do your best and know that your best is good enough. 

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Yes, shortlisted already. Now

Yes, shortlisted already. Now just waiting for results. *nailbite* Thanks for your best wishes, iRabbit. 

Uh-huh. 2 more PSLEs to go. Thanks for reminding me. My hair would already be all silver by then. Not meaning I’d be wiser. May mean, I’m already all forgetful. :p

Shortlisted the list of 6

Shortlisted the list of 6 schools oredi? All the best! Now just 2 more PSLE to go (okay I’m being mean here). Hehe




Thank you! :)

Thank you, NerdyMath! 😉

Good luck!

All the best to your DD!

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