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Quality Teachers Essential to Good Preschool Education

A child’s first school teacher plays a vital role in charting his or her lifelong learning journey. That is why when it comes to selecting a pre-school for their children, teacher quality is a high priority for parents.

One of the important factors in choosing a pre-school for your child is to be informed about the teachers’ teaching methods, and if possible, educational background and experience. Many parents believe in meeting up with the teachers or the principals face to face to observe if the teaching team is passionate and caring enough or possess the relevant early childhood education knowledge. In fact, some parents even believe that a teacher who possesses wholehearted dedication to children is even more important than paper qualifications itself.

Across the My First Skool island-wide network of pre-schools, our team of more than 2,000 early childhood educators are qualified and always committed to the children. Parents can have peace of mind when putting their children under the care of My First Skool’s teachers.

Learning Made Fun with Innovative Ideas

As a parent, won’t you be surprised if your little one brings home cupcakes one day and proudly tells you that he or she has made them? That must be how a group of parents of pre-schoolers at My First Skool Blk 803 Tampines Avenue 4 felt.

Through a cupcake baking session incorporated into a holistic discussion and experiment on ‘The Properties of Butter’, the pre-school gave the kids an opportunity to not only learn about how butter changes when mixed with sugar and eggs, but also develop skills that included:

  • Language/Literacy – By reading the words in the recipe and by learning to follow instructions
  • Numeracy – From concepts such as measurement and quantity of ingredients
  • Fine motor skills – Through the process of pouring, scooping and mixing the ingredients
  • Self/Social development – When they successfully baked the cupcakes themselves through a patient process of following a set recipe and sharing baking tools with other children

After learning to bake in school, the children were encouraged to try baking cupcakes again with their families. Many parents happily posted their children’s ‘exploits’ on the school’s Facebook page. Parents also thanked the teachers for giving them the opportunity to bond with their children and highlighted that it has helped their children to develop more self-confidence and patience.

The cupcake baking session is one of the many innovative and fun activities that My First Skool’s children can experience, under the guidance of their teachers.

For parents who find it challenging to teach young kids mathematical concepts, you will be interested about the programme introduced by the team of educators at My First Skool Blk 667 Hougang Ave 4.

The pre-school‘s principal Ms Gayathri Devi said: “As a teacher, my purpose is to create a class of learners.” After receiving feedback from both parents and children that Mathematics is difficult to grasp, the school came up with the innovative programme to help their K1 and K2 students strengthen their mathematical concepts in a fun way.

Going beyond the regular curriculum, traditional and contemporary mathematical games were used to explore mathematical concepts to increase numeracy, as well as promote listening skills. These games included:

  • Checkers – Counting the pawn pieces
  • Congkak/Mancala – Counting using marble-like objects
  • Uno and Bingo Lotto – Matching numbers
  • Sandwich sticks – Learning about patterns
  • iPad games – Using technology to teach number matching

The games were repackaged for the children to bring home during the weekends to facilitate home learning and parental involvement. Ms Devi believes that all students have benefitted from the programme and the response from parents also been very positive. Citing one parent’s comment that their family had lots of fun playing the games together and that it was a very good effort, Ms Devi explained: “Parent-partnership is important to us, and we always seek their trust and understanding in what our teachers do. This programme is also successful because of the opportunity that our children have to reinforce their mathematical concepts at home.”

Under the Supervision of Well-trained Teachers

Parents can be assured that your children are under professional care at My First Skool. All teachers at My First Skool meet the training requirements stipulated by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

In addition, 93% of them are trained or are undergoing training for the Diploma in Pre-school Education-Teaching level and above.

The teachers also undergo structured termly training, targeted at both new and experienced teachers, that covers My First Skool’s curriculum and the latest developments in early childhood practices. These training sessions are conducted by our own team of educational specialists or by external vendors and advisors from SEED Institute.

This ensures that the teachers are well-equipped to provide our students with an enriched learning environment and possess the competencies and knowledge to enhance children’s learning experiences.

Achievements and Awards

Whether it is for Early Childhood Innovation or being an Outstanding Preschool Teacher, My First Skool teachers have received recognition regularly by ECDA and MOE.

In 2013 Ms Suhana binte Salleh, Principal of My First Skool’s centre at Blk 803 Tampines Avenue 4, who came up with the activity on ‘The Properties of Butter’, received ECDA’s Outstanding Early Childhood Leaders Award.

Principal Gayathri Devi’s My First Skool pre-school, located at Blk 667 Hougang Ave 4, also received the ECDA Early Childhood Innovation Award 2014 Commendation for their ‘You Can Count on Me’ programme.

See other My First Skool’s awards at

Going the Extra Mile

Teachers at My First Skool recognise every child is different. Some may require more attention and care than the rest of the kids before they can maximise their potential.

Not only are our teachers innovative in coming up with new teaching methods or activities, they also take note of children with learning difficulties. Truly teachers with a heart, they will go the extra mile to help these children.

Here is an example of one of our pre-school teachers who went the extra mile for one of her charges.

What Parents Say

Inspiring, caring and passionate about what they do, My First Skool teachers often receive positive feedback from parents.

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Let your child benefit from My First Skool’s team of dedicated and quality educators. Register now at or call 65097887 to find out more.

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