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The mid-term school examinations may be over, but we’re sure your kids will still be hitting the books and the computer screens this June holidays. After all, there are still all those storybooks to read, worksheets to catch up on and, of course, digital games to indulge in.

As parents, giving your little ones an enriching mid-term break is as important as inculcating good eye habits in them, especially when they engage in frequent ‘near work’ such as reading, writing and gaming.

Experts recommend outdoor activity to keep myopia (short-sightedness) at bay. That is why a little overseas vacation for the family, filled with lots of outdoor sightseeing isn’t a bad idea! But whenever you’re back indoors, a good table lamp should be used to protect your eyes.

3M Innovative Polarizing Filter Provides Greater Eye Comfort

The new BL5100, with its 3M Innovative Polarizing Filter and equipped with the 3M™ Polarizing Light Technology, ensures that you and your family no longer have to worry about straining your eyes when reading or working. With the enhanced design of the Polarizing Filter, it efficiently reduces direct glare by up to 62% on reading materials and work surfaces, thereby providing for greater eye relief.

The 132-nanometers thick Polarizing Filter contains polymers that help to refract light, converting unpleasant horizontal light waves into comfortable vertical light waves. To make sure all ‘bad light’ is transformed into ‘good light’, the Innovative Polarizing Filter on the BL5100 contains close to a thousand layers of these special polymers. This sifting of good light waves simultaneously reduces glare and increases light intensity by 40 per cent for brighter and clearer illumination. 

Ergonomic Lamp Design to Better Suit Your Needs 

With a contemporary yet easy-to-use design, the BL5100 is highly adjustable, allowing the user to move the head, neck and arms up-down and left-right to match the user’s needs perfectly. By placing the head of the BL5100 lamp at any position from zero to 90 degrees, you can instantly promote glare reduction ranging between 38 to 62%. Not compromising on stability, the BL5100 comes with an anti-skid padded weighted base, making sure lighting remains constant on all writing surfaces.

With all these functions included, the BL5100 only requires simple, fuss-free assembly, where users can easily put the lamp together without any need for excess tools.

Designed in two sleek colours, black and grey, the 3M™ Polarizing Light, BL5100 is available at $189 at Best Denki, Homefix DIY, POPULAR Bookstores and other major retailers. 


Article Contributed by 3M™ 

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