Reading Words or Motivated to Read?

There is no one method that can work magic and teach all young kids to read. In fact, it’s more than just one method that will start a child to take interest in reading. Aside from parents sharing their own experience, many experts have also shared their part. In KSP, we have buds to share on phonics. Years ago, another early childhood educator has also kindly shared her views on reading. Here’s the link .

And in another forum a few years ago, I participated in an interesting discussion with other mommies on phonics .

Sometimes our views simply don’t agree because all kids learn differently. Within phonics itself, there’s more than one way of teaching a child to read. Some kids find learning to read c-at, b-at etc a breeze. But for others, this may not be easy. Besides learning the letter sounds, the child has to memorise at, ake, an, etc. To me, this is an added burden and may turn a child off. For my kids, they simply blend the words on their sounds c-a-t = cat, b-a-n = ban etc. Simple and straightforward. For those who are interested in the differences between phonics, try googling for more information on synthetic and analytic phonics.

If you are serious about teaching your kids to read via phonics, go get a book that can give you an idea what phonics is about. Have an overview what the subject is about, only then one can guide his/her own child on it. After all, if you know naught about phonics, how can you teach your child to read using phonics? An alternative will be to sit through some phonic classes and learn with your kid. This will be beneficial not only to yourself but also your other kids.  

Lastly, phonics is not the only key to read. If it doesn’t work for your child, don’t despair. Just try another key. Some kids learn to read by using flashcards. Others learn as adults read to them. Most of all, learning need not be structured like an enrichment class. But always bear in mind what the objective is – to encourage the love for reading or to teach them to read words. After all, we want to raise kids who can read and love reading. 🙂

Happy Reading Journey!

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