Reasons why Music Education Contributes to All-round Success

As parents, all of you know the importance of music education for children. This is why more and more parents are inquiring about music lessons for their children at a tender age. However, when budget cuts need to be made, the first extra curriculum to be cut out is also music education. Music programmes have been proven to help children in substantial ways. The benefits of music education include success in developing intelligence, school, life, and society. Here are some of the direct influences we have seen from our students:

Success in Society

  • Scientific evidence has proven that an education in music makes students better at science and math.
  • Colleges view an education in music a valuable experience.
  • Arts is considered one of the six basic academic subject areas in most application to colleges and universities, local and abroad.
  • Music helps create jobs, nonprofit organizations and art institutions
  • Some of the most successful individuals, including politicians, scientists and Nobel Prize Winners have at some point, received proper music training.

Success in School

  • Music is considered one of the core academic subjects in school.
  • Students who are consistently involved in instrumental music throughout their school career have a significantly higher math proficiency than those students that don’t study music.
  • Students with experience in music appreciation and music performance score higher in exams.
  • Music students receive more awards and academic honors than non-music students.
  • Students in elementary and middle school who participate in music programmes have higher self-esteem and thinking skills.

Success in Developing Intelligence

  • The brains of pianists, compared to those of non-musicians, are more efficient at making skilled movements.
  • Musicians are constantly adjusting decisions with their music which helps train the brain to be incredibly good at multitasking.
  • Reading sheet music helps to stimulate the brain in all four of the cortex lobes.
  • Musicians have proven better reading skills.
  • Studies have shown that preschoolers who received piano lessons at some point perform better in spatial reasoning.
  • Music students have a significant increase in self-concept.

Success in Life

  • Studying music helps to encourage self-discipline which carries over into effective work and study habits.
  • Music brings people together.
  • Music helps young people to connect with themselves and others.
  • Music making helps keep the elderly healthier, decreases anxiety, depression, loneliness and delay dementia.
  • Music helps students build skills in cooperation, creativity, and communication.

Aureus Academy prides ourselves in special tailored individual instrumental lessons and regular performing opportunities to boost confidence. Our exam pass rate is maintained at 100% throughout every exam session. Whether you are looking for music lessons as a hobby, to de-stress, or brownie points for your future academic endeavours, our teachers will be able to craft the perfect syllabus to help you achieve your dreams!

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