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Are your children making careless mistakes in their homework? Do they have problems concentrating in class or are they overactive during the daytime? These could be signs that they are not getting enough quality sleep.

As reported in TodayOnline, a survey conducted on parents in Singapore found that “about four out of 10 primary school children aged six to nine are not getting enough sleep”. The reasons why kids are not getting the recommended nine to 10 hours of sleep a day range from not having a regular bedtime or using electronic devices, such as mobile phones, that can affect the sleep hormones.

Good quality sleep ensures optimal brain function, clarity and focus during the day. It is also a major factor in helping children manage stress, be it examination stress, busy schedules, peer pressure and other growing pains.

Medications may be available for youngsters that are sleep-deprived or cannot get to sleep easily but it will be better to find natural ways to help children relax and sleep through the night.

Energia products work naturally while the child or teen sleeps or rests to regain his/her natural energy levels and boost academic, creative and physical performance. A flagship brand of local company Rev 22, Energia is based on the concept of releasing and unblocking pockets of negative energy that cause illness and discomfort by restoring flow and balance through the body’s meridian system. Its products have successfully treated cases related to every physiological system in the body while releasing stress and resolving sleep disorders. For example, the Energia pillow can help to improve deep sleep within three days of usage.

This is achieved by innovatively applying Nanotechnology to all Energia products, whereby a natural mineral comprising of mainly tourmaline, emits far infrared rays and negative ions.

  • Far infrared rays – natural sunrise light energy – restores the body’s ‘Chi’
  • Negative ions keep the blood well-oxygenated and alkaline, thus improves alertness and mental and physical energy
  • Alpha waves help to relax the body and put one into the second stage of sleep, which is important for quality sleep

Sleep well with Energia products

Freedom from stress enables students to handle examinations and other challenges with ease. Good sleep also helps hyperactive children to calm down and remain focused.

Finally, adequate sleep can also strenghten the immune system, thus helping students to ward off airborne viruses and preventing common ailments such as flu, eczema, headaches and stomach upsets.

AcuGraph Energy Health Analysis

Ever wanted to check if your body is susceptible to diseases? Energia’s AcuGraph Energy Health Screening measures and analyses the energy level of each acupuncture meridian – invisible energy pathways in your body. Specifically, it can quantify the energy level of your 12 organs, including lungs, heart, large intestine, small intestine, triple energiser, pericadium, kidney, bladder, spleen, gall bladder, stomach and pancreas. By identifying potential weak areas in your system, you will then be able to identify and treat blockages in the body system to prevent chronic diseases. 

Read testimonials on how Energia products have improved sleep quality for many people here. Visit to discover more on how your entire family can enjoy first-class sleep.

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