Redefining How Children Learn Music

Finding the Right Music Teacher for Your Child

Learning a musical instrument is a fun and challenging experience that can have a tremendous impact on a child’s development. Studies have shown that picking up an instrument at an early age can further develop cognitive, social, and artistic faculties. The first challenge, however, is to find a qualified teacher who is able to both cultivate a love of music and develop a strong technical foundation for your child.

When selecting a teacher, parents must consider a multitude of factors that include qualifications, experience, teaching methods and the ability to work with children. Above all, parents should always request for a trial lesson to ensure good chemistry between student and teacher, which will lead to a positive learning experience. By finding a teacher who is qualified and passionate, you open up a world of learning possibilities for your child.

At Aureus Academy, our teachers are qualified, passionate and dedicated to the musical learning of each child. Our team of nearly 30 full time teachers hold a combined 40 Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in music, music performance and music education. In addition to their qualifications, our teachers are specially selected and trained to work with young children to ensure that they develop a love and appreciation of music.  Aureus Academy has always offered free trial lessons as we believe that this trial lesson allows parents the opportunity to gauge the chemistry between the budding musician and their new teacher.


Making Musical Progress

At Aureus Academy, we believe the key to making musical progress lies in ensuring that each and every child loves their lessons.  Because of this, our teachers design our lessons to engage each student in a way that suits their unique learning style. Whether our students are interested in learning an instrument for fun, a talent show, or looking for exam certification, Aureus Academy teachers tailor the lessons so they are specific to the learning goals of each student.

By communicating with parents either in person at each lesson, or via Student Handbooks, teachers make sure that students receive weekly structured practice routines to ensure that consistent progress is made.  In addition to this, parents are welcome to sit inside our spacious studios to observe the lesson and participate in the weekly progress of their children.

Sharing the Joys of Music Through Performance

One of the greatest joys in playing a musical instrument is performing for others! Performing in front of others helps build confidence, and allows students to validate their hard work and efforts by playing for family, friends and peers.  Aureus Academy currently has 2 state-of-the art recital halls (a 45 seat hall in Rochester Mall, and 90 seat hall in Forum) that are designed to give our students frequent performance opportunities.

By having recital halls readily available at our centres, we are able to integrate performance as a regular and consistent part of musical learning.  By gaining regular performance experience, students are able to have a competitive advantage while taking music exams or in situations where there is performance under pressure.

Taking Music Exams: 100% Pass Rate

At Aureus Academy, we believe that setting goals are important, but the route to achieving these may differ from child to child.  One of our core values at Aureus Academy is helping each and every child (and their families) develop at their own pace and preferred method. We have students who do not take exams, while we have others who design all of their learning around them.

We recommend that exams function as a meaningful part of a learning process, and not just an end goal. This being said, Aureus Academy has achieved a 100% pass rate for all students taking ABRSM Exams.

We have consistently achieved these results by combining our teacher qualifications, regular performance opportunities, and an individualised approach to learning. In addition to this, our facilities in Orchard and Rochester are certified ABRSM examination rooms (Diploma and Graded in Rochester, and Graded in Orchard) that allow students the opportunity to do mock-exams in the comfort of their own school. By doing regular lessons, run-throughs, and mock-exams in our certified exam rooms, we give each and every student a competitive advantage in preparing for exams.

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