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We all know the best way to learn a foreign language is to know some one who speaks that language and pick it up from them. Practice makes perfect and ideally we will get to interact in that language often enough to pick it up. But short of that, we will have to rely on resources that helps give us/our kids some exposure. Here’s some resources that comes in handy for introducing French.


Uni Verse Of Song: French

This mp3 album is a mix of English dialog and songs with French, so children gets to listen to what it is like in English then what it is in French. The songs are mostly old favourites like Old MacDonald Had A Farm and Mary Had A Little Lamb that children will find familiar.


Baby’s First Words in French

This CD comes covers songs and ryhmes that are carefully selected to introduce unique sounding words in French. Vocals are produced by native peakers and The book set comes with lyrics in both French and English as well as explaination on how to introduce the language
to children.

Audio Books

Play and Learn French (Book + Audio CD): Over 50 Fun songs, games and everyday activites to get started in French (Play and Learn Language)

This set covers basic conversation for young kids covering phrases like taking a bath, gettiing dress. Voice over is done by a native speaker and many adults learners commented that it is helpful for them to pick up the language too.

Free Resources Online

Many good things in life a free and there are many kind hearted souls who put up resources to help others learn.

BBC Languages :
This site is really targeted at adults who need to learn French terms. Mp3s of frequently used terms are available for listening or for downloads, with the english translation too.

One of my favourite resource. Try searching French songs children and you and your kids can enjoy french songs in an entertaining way. We love this version of "Savez-vous planter les choux" about which shows an animated firm of an english speaking lady introducing the name of vegetables in French.

If you are looking for deeper engagement with the language, you may consider GSE Abroad.  GSE Abroad offers study abroad programs for students to fully immerse them in their language studies.


good tips

good tips

Thanks for sharing. I seems

Thanks for sharing.

I seems kids are all quite occupy with learning 2 major languages.
hehe. keep for referencing.

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