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Review of latest Passion Ezlink card

I just went pass the Giant supermarket today. There is a booth there to register for the new program – Passion ez-link card.

It is the replacement of the old passion card that you can:
– earn points at fairprice plus supermarket, and other defined shop..
The link point is not longer available after March 31, 2010.
– get rebate and CC.

The new card has two features, both ezlink card and link point rebate card.

– You can shop and earn point at Giant (my favorite supermarket, visit at least once a week), cold storage, guardian, marketplace, shop n save).
– each $1 spent =$1 point, get 150 point to redeem $1 value rebate.
– The card is valid for 5 years, @$15. Now promotion at only $12.
– get discount from CC classes
– sign up the card, then get a Free Fila shoping bags worth of $49.
– existing passion card member can upgrade to the new card with cheaper rate, but no free gift though.

My old passion card expired. My husband still have old passion card left for 1 year. but he won’t use CC facility anyway. I decides to sign up not because of the free gift, it is because my child has enrichment at CC and I shop at Giant often.
Besides Giant allow to use credit card to pay for the bill (also can collect point from the credit card company), so collect point from both side, hehe….

The only thing is that they need 2 months to process the application.
and mail out the card..


I also switched my old

I also switched my old passion card into this new card and find it quite useful. Firstly, I can now collect points at Giant and Cold Storage which I couldn’t do before. Secondly, I don’t need to carry another EZ link card anymore. Lastly, I can continue to get discounts on my yoga classes at CC. 

As for the Fairprice link points, I have an OCBC NTUC visa card to take care of that. So with these 2 cards, I can collect points almost everywhere now

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