RMSS ‘Make Math Simpler’ Video 2: Solving More Advanced Fraction Problems With the Box Method

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In this second instalment of Raymond Math and Science Studio’s Make Math Simpler video series, RMSS tutor Paxton Ong demonstrates how to use the RMSS box method to solve a more advanced math problem.

The model method that is taught in schools is usually time-consuming. It can also cause frustration to the student as it involves cutting up a box into the required denominators in order to derive the answer. This can become an even more hair-raising process if the problem is complex.

The box method on the other hand can be applied with relative ease, even when the sums are more complex and challenging.   

Once you master the box method, you can continue to solve different types of math problems without racking your brain too much. The principle behind the box method remains the same; you just have to apply it to different Math problems.


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Mon 29/01/2018