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RMSS ‘Make Math Simpler’ Video 3: The Notes Method

Does drawing math models to solve complex comparison questions make you want to tear your hair out?

If that’s you, don’t miss out on this third episode of Raymond Math and Science Studio’s  “Make Math Simpler” video series. In this video segment, RMSS tutor Eugene Tan introduces you to the ease of using RMSS’ very own Notes Method to solve comparison word problems.

RMSS developed the Notes Method to help its students solve complex comparison questions. As this method makes use of simple algebraic rules together with some statements to explain the working clearly to the examiner, it is far more superior than the traditional model drawing method taught and used in schools.


RMSSInstead of spending your time trying to get your model drawn correctly, and to include all the key information accurately in each box, you will be able to work out the answer to the questions quickly, and save precious exam time. This is the beauty of the RMSS Notes Method.

Another advantage to learning this method is that it can be applied to a wide range of Math ratio questions.     

Watch the video now and “Make Math Simpler” for your child.

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