RMSS ‘Make Math Simpler’ Video Series: Solving A Fraction Problem Using the Box Method

Submitted by Advertiser KiasuParent

Due to popular demand, RMSS Math and Science Studio has launched a video series to demonstrate some of the Math problem-solving strategies that the centre has developed in-house.

This first video shows the simplicity of using RMSS’ box method to solve a fraction problem, compared to the traditional and often time-consuming model method that is taught in schools.

Once students learn and master the box method, they can carry on to applying it with ease even when the sums get more complex and challenging.


The RMSS’ strength lies in being able to break down difficult problems and tackle them using clear and simple strategies. The centre teaches by strategy, instead of going by topic; the result is that its students end up building a strong strategy toolbox that can be applied to different types of math problems.

Watch the video now and you’ll be on your way to Making Math Simpler for your child.
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or 6333 8222 (Bishan Branch).


Mon 15/01/2018