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Roof Garden

Lot 1 has built its own playground called ROOF GARDEN.

Located at the uppermost floor, boasting a cosy area for a water-playground and a dry-playground, we liked the idea that shoes aren’t allowed in the play premises cos from experience at the IMM playground, the foam mats are quite dirty and black from the shoes.

 Here are some pictures of the wet play area…

They have also made a TV Room area nearby the playground for the kiddies to chill… The TV Room has clear circular windows where chill out caregivers can monitor from the comfort of the indoors.



Waterplay at Nex, Serangoon

Waterplay on the rooftop at Nex, Serangoon is fun.  But beware that it can get hot in the afternoon as it has no shade.  Best to be there in the morning 🙂

Nex also has a library there so it’s like kill two birds with one stone (visit the two favourite places of the children) on one trip.

Thanks for info and great

Thanks for info and great pics! definitely check these places out.

Parents as good role models

Heyya bee8250, i too personally lurve the NO FOOTWEAR ALLOWED rule! It should be a golden rule for all wet playgrounds. But then again, even if there IS a rule but there are some parents who bo-chap and dun comply oso no point… Haiz. That’s why we can never make over-emphasis that parents are/should be the good model for children. It’s just like the time when i asked my students….. when it goes amber on the traffic light, motorists should……?

Instead of answering,"Slow down and get ready to stop…" a student answered, my mummy says amber means to faster faster go, before the red light comes on!"  


Good, clean fun!

Yeah, Funguy71… should check it out for some good, clean fun!

Hoping all parents visiting Roof Garden will help to keep it that way!



Gd intro

Thanks for sharing. Will chk it out one day and let my gal have fun there… 🙂

Should be fine...

That shud be fine javier_mum.. I see babies and toddlers around too.

In my opinion, the caregivers (the adults) as long as they are responsible

in watching over their ward/child(ren) every step of the way, it shud provide

for some safe fun together. I’m hoping more parents will make the effort

to play with their children, (like me!) or at least provide supervision during

such play to ensure safety for other children playing and fair play for all.

Try not to leave your children unattended while you shop lah…



Age limit

Last week I went up to have a look cos when we take the traine, DS could see the giraffe & wants to go up & play. It states for kids from 5 to 12, parental supervision required. Am wondering if can bring 3.5yo there. Hubby’s outta town so wanna bring DS there for fun…..

Nice picture!

Thanks for sharing. Must go and check out one day.

Wonderful....No Footwear Allowed!


This is great, no footwear allow.  Visit the Rainforest at zoo, omg, most of the parents include some of the children have their sandal on within the compound.

Another great place for weekend hang-out.

Forgot to add the part abt it having shower area... Oops.

Paiseh. Forgot to add the part about Roof Garden having a small shower area. Oops.

My camera oso cheap one. Cannot zoom so far there…


With shower area, not bad!

Wow, with shower area s’more. Not bad! I didn’t know that.. 

Was normally reluctant to let gals play coz thinking about the washing up and changing part.. 

Wee-wee in shower area..  Hope not..


Yes. Yes. Sembawang is built on a bigger scale, i heard. Must check it out one of these days!

Oh yes, the Roof Garden has a shower area as well. I hope parents will be considerate enuf not to allow their children to pee within the shower areas to keep the place clean and hygienic. A shower area is meant for showering…

A clean children’s playground is a social responsibility.



Hi buds, thanks for the pix. Must go check it out..

I was told that there is also a similar one at the newly renovated Sembawang Shopping Center.. have not checked it out thou’

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